Vegan Cardiologist Columbus D Batiste II M.D.

Columbus D Batiste II M.D. “loves cardiology” and helping people adopt the most protective lifestyle against our leading killers. Stay tuned for Columbus’s upcoming book! In the meantime get Dr. Esselstyn’s book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” via VeganLinked’s affiliate link:

This video shot at the National Health Association Conference 2022 earlier this year and was brought to you by VeganLinked.

This video was brought to you by Jeff of VeganLinked. If you like my work and want to help me keep the cameras rolling please consider contributing here and/or becoming a member to the channel

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35 thoughts on “Vegan Cardiologist Columbus D Batiste II M.D.”
  1. I am confused about how much protein we need. Feel pressure from the non-WFPB community to eat more tofu, fake meats to reach protein level above 50gm a day. That is so contrary to my believe in plant based diet. Need some expert advice please

  2. It's so sad – its awesome to reduce animal products / dairy to reduce risk of uric acid (kidney stones, gout), reduce risk of heart attacks etc. I think the problem is….food is so ENGRAINED in our culture (thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, holidays, meeting friends, weddings) and young children are such picky eaters and then parents get frustrated and give their kids fast food / don't have time to cook because of work etc. So from a young age we are hooked onto these processed foods and then its so hard to get off of them. I was at Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend and brought my own vegan food ( steamed vegetables I had made), everyone else ate the typical Canadian style thanksgiving dinner (mashed potatoes, turkey etc.) and some of the family members looked at me like I was a bit crazy eating my vegan stuff…I felt the worse for my niece and nephew – their too young to understand any of this and they were being fed the typical dinner laden with fats and animal protein. It's really sad. Hope this movement gets bigger and we can make it mainstream for kids from a young age so they don't have to go through what we were going through as adults (which is basically comparable to a drug addiction, trying to get off all this processed crap/dairy/animal products).

  3. This is encouragement. I am 55 yr old woman in relatively great health ( we exercise and lift a little weights) but my 58 yr old hubby eats what I eat but bc of genetics finds it harder to keep his BP and cholesterol numbers right. So I am looking at us to stop eating meats (we already don't eat pork) and try your lifestyle Doc since you look and feel awesome and this seem to be the sentiment of others who eat plant base whole foods too…
    Thank you again for your passion and gift to us. I am aware that honesty make the business you are in less profitable

  4. This is great to see more cardiologist that are plant based. Mr. Batiste knows so much and for him to raised his children on that diet is excellent they will excell.

  5. Tempeh-Indonesian. More support as to why we need to get full physicals on a regular basis. We don't know what we don't get tested for, we can feel/look fine and be ill.

  6. Why are so many people saying carnivore diet is the way to go over plants now ? How can both type of diets be the answer ? Those same carnivore diet doctors are saying the LDL information isn't accurate. That over all cholesterol is fine at a high rate.

  7. He and Drs Esselstyne, Caldwell, McDougall are heroes and have done so much to educate people. After all, Dr Batiste has said often it’s up to you to do all you can to eat best you can, exercise and do basic things for good health!!

  8. I like his name the best! So cool! He's trying to drive away his customers through prevention with a healthy diet, and so honors the duty of a medical professional. In America, there will always be heart patients, sadly.

  9. Just looking at him you can tell that he practices what he preaches.. He’s the picture of health. Flawless beautiful skin ,great teeth, articulate. God bless him.🙏🏿

  10. Bless

    What a lot of people fail to mention is god's food and men made food ..

    Sea salt is very nutritious and because of its high mineral content wholelistic wise that the sodium does not affect the system as men made salts do which are stripped and processed in many ways .

    Should a one be careful still not to use too much natura sea salt???

    Actually no .. because real sea salt does not have a palette altering affect the sensitivity to salt stays in a normal range discouraging over use of salt.

    Also the real sea salt has more flavor and saltiness that allows you to use less and still get better results at your dish bless

  11. If a person eliminate salt they are removing one of these most important elements of health

    The oceans has all minerals our body needs in it waters .

    When the sea waters wash inland the waters dry and leave precious mineral crystals called salt crystals.

    Every scientist knows that animals around the world gaze to salt ponds for healing and nutrition.

    Its not the natural sea salt that is the enemy to the public it's the fake salt and processed foods .

    I and I can heal any person with high blood in less than a month just by changing their diet and adding sea vegetables???

    That sounds the total opposite right ?? Vegetables from a salty sea will aid to heal my high blood pressure???

    Yes ..why

    High blood pressure is cause by lack of oxygen getting to cells for what ever reason .

    Hence the body increase pressure to increase flow to increase oxygen delivery.

    So why is oxygen not getting to the cells ?

    Not enough iron in the blood ??? Sea vegetables rich in iron phosphate.

    Dehydration??? Sea vegetables are rich in oxygen compounds and hydrogen hence hydrating the cells .

    Inflammation known as swelling????
    Sea vegetables are rich in antiflamatory properties and are filled with bromide iodide phosphate that all bond to acids that causes swelling of the blood arterial membrane.

    Clogging of the vessels ??
    Again because of the alkaline properties these sea vegetables have all minerals compound with low protonic numbers bind to the acid crystals that bind to form arteriel plaque neutralizing them to liquid which is then drain into the excretory system.

    1.So after removing the blockage

    2. Increasing the natural iron phosphate to increase oxygen production

    3 remove the swelling for better blood flow

    4. Increase natural mineral intake of hydrogen and oxygen allowing cellular hydration .

    The blood has no need to be under pressure. The demand for oxygen will decrease as the cells have so much Access to fresh oxygen the system relaxes ..

    The systolic number first comes down and the diastolic eventually follows because flow and efficiency is accomplished.

    I also remove all the junk which congest and clog and swell and deprive the body of the most essential thing minerals .

    From dust we came minerals and to dust we return minerals bless

  12. Columbus D Batiste II M.D. "loves cardiology" and helping people adopt the most protective lifestyle against our leading killers. Stay tuned for Columbus's upcoming book! In the meantime get Dr. Esselstyn's book "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" via VeganLinked's affiliate link: This video was brought to you by VeganLinked. If you like our work and want to help us keep the cameras rolling considering contributing here: This was shot at the awesome annual National Health Association Conference, learn more at

    For more awesome vegans check out our playlist "Vegan Stories, Insights & Perspectives"

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