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VCF Birth Control- Does it work? 2019 REVIEW

VCF Birth Control Does it work? 2019 REVIEW In this video I review VCF Birth Control. If you want to know how to use VCF Birth Control stay tuned to my …


29 thoughts on “VCF Birth Control- Does it work? 2019 REVIEW

  1. Don’t know if you still reply, BUT I wanna get this for me and my girlfriend, but I’ve heard that it causes irritation and burning. Is that just an uncommon side affect or is that a guarantee? I want my boo to be comfy while she doesn’t want me using a condom.

  2. Thank you for not being scared (because why should you be) to post videos like this. I can’t imagine how much this must do for some people, especially young women….having access to this type of Information for EVERYONE on an open platform. Keep being a boss ass bitch k?? 😘❤️❤️

  3. Hi! Loved your video 🥰 Question, how do I know if I put it in right? – because I’m inserting it and it’s quite flimsy, I’m not sure how to tell if it’s going to do the job how it’s supposed to or not.

  4. Where did u hear it was 96% effective!? Just curious bc i ditched my bc pill and want to try this but after 3 kids I just want to know it's that effective😊

  5. I have the VCF just got it but I'm a little concerned about it working or not we would love to have another baby but not right now If I use it without condoms and just the VCF birth control can I still get pregnant regardless, how effective is it?

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