Vale, Sarah Harry – Eating Disorders Victoria

We are incredibly sad to learn of the passing of Sarah Harry. Sarah was a champion in the eating disorder, body positivity, yoga and HAES space.

Her advocacy extended to a period of Vice Presidency and Board Directorship at Eating Disorders Victoria from 2008-2010, a volunteer position that she gave tirelessly to. Sarah continued to be valued partner of EDV and contributed to robust discussions around community engagement and advocacy. Sarah’s voice publicly heralded the body positivity movement in Australia, and her activism and media commentary will leave a lasting legacy in the broader community.

We are aware that Sarah has asked that donations be made to EDV in lieu of flowers. This parting generosity signals Sarah’s deep commitment to improving the lives of people battling eating disorders. We thank you Sarah for sharing your knowledge and passion with our community. Our deepest condolences to Sarah’s loved ones, especially her two boys.


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