USA: Hundreds march in NYC to condemn Tigray conflict

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Hundreds took to the streets of New York City on Friday to march in solidarity for peace and justice against the ongoing conflict and violence in Tigray region.

Protesters were seen waving flags and carrying signs urging the US and UN to intervene and take a firm action against the Ethiopian government regarding the ongoing crisis in Tigray.

“We were trying to create awareness, but now it’s 144 days since the war started. Our family back home, they are dying. They’re being harassed, raped, looted, and it’s been more than five months now and we’re asking the world to help us stop the war, asking the US to act now,” said Niat Amare, the organiser of the rally.

Thousands of civilians have been killed since fighting erupted between Ethiopian government forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front in November. On Tuesday, Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed promised consequences for those committing atrocities, including rape and looting, against Tigrayans.

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