Update- Omicron Variants BQ.1, BQ.1.1, Cases, Deaths - Flu Cases, 4 Types Of Influenza Virus, Naming

BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 are now dominant in the United States growing in number and displacing BA.5 as the dominant COVID-19 Omicron variants. BN.1 is another Omicron variant that is growing in number, while BA.4.6 continues to decrease in number. We cover this as well as where geographically these different variants are most common. Luckily overall, case counts have not started growing robustly and deaths continue to decrease.

Influenza case counts are still quite high, although they may be beginning to plateau. The vast majority of these cases are Influenza A, with H1N1 and H3N2 being the most dominant subtypes. We talk about the 4 types of Influenza being A-D. Influenza A is the most often culprit for epidemics and pandemics followed by Influenza B. The influenza virus has surface proteins called hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, which represent the “H1N1” or “H3N2” that we see as the subtypes of Influenza A. Influenza B uses lineages to label it’s subtypes that often include “Victoria” and “Yamagata”. We dive into the details of the different types of influenza, how they are labelled, and why.

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By admin

20 thoughts on “Update- Omicron Variants BQ.1, BQ.1.1, Cases, Deaths – Flu Cases, 4 Types Of Influenza Virus, Naming”
  1. Where can I do the research on what I need to have those loved ones around me that took the jab need to take and do to offset the potential reactions and issues from said jab? My wife and I are the only two among our family members ( At least 75 or 80) that did not take the jab. Even many young Neices and nephews under the age of 15 got jabbed.

    A few of these family members only took 1 shot. Most of the Others took 2. And some have taken multiple jabs.

    Most are starting to wake up and are asking me what they should do.

    I want to tell them, “Well, you should have listened to me and not taken it!”

    But it is what it is, they took the junk and now are looking to me on suggestions for the best way to minimize the side effects.

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. My mother lives in an assisted living facility in NJ. This week they have experienced a COVID outbreak! They no longer can officially close the facility but are observing a fairly high level of precautions.😮

  3. There are many ways you can find for removing spike protein from the body. Fasting, pine nettle tea, ivermectin are a few things that are being recommended. Dr. Sayed Haider on you tube is an excellent dr. to listen too. Best wishes for your family.

  4. To Big Rig Rich…Oh good grief, no one should take your advice about getting the Covid shot if you by now still haven’t even gotten one. I’m 70 years old and I got two and two boosters. I haven’t had Covid, not even once.

  5. How do you actually know what the accurate case count is? We/most are testing at home. My entire team just came down with Covid. I am experiencing day 5 today and fairly sick. Kinda scary cough. Palm Springs

  6. I had 3 doses (booster in Dec 2021) and had omicron ba5 in July 2022. I’d love to see some stats that would give me an idea of the chances of people in this category catching the new sub variants (bq1 & bq1.1) . This would help me to decide when and if I should take the bivalent booster.

  7. Why are case numbers driving your concern? We should have changed over a long time ago to ICU admissions and critical illness being the markers for concern. Total case numbers is not the issue.

  8. The change in the proportions of the variants is similar in most regions, the outlier is HHS region 7, where BA.5 is falling more slowly and BQ.1 & BQ.1.1 is rising more slowly that in the other regions.

    BN.1 is creasing slowly in all regions. I think that this should be the topic of future videos.

  9. In new Zealand we are carrying on as normal. Only the feeble or elderly have to be concerned. I don't think the lock downs were even necessary. All these sub lineages are too complex I'm starting to tune out from the whole thing. Unless a serious varient turns up we should not have any issue.

  10. I would love someone to show me the tests that differentiate these different viruses/pathogens and where they are being conducted please. I'm a hospital RN with an advanced science degree, and do not see these labs being done at my hospital. I have observed Covid positive or Covid negative and we are not even doing that anymore.

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