TUA # 67 - How To Fix Sleep Issues

Learn the best bio hacks that fix all your sleep issues.


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50 thoughts on “TUA # 67 – How To Fix Sleep Issues”
  1. If someone wants to date you be intimate with you, you shouldn't be forced to sleep next to them. I have terrible sleep issues and I can't sleep next to anyone. Someone who can't give you 7-9 hours of sleep alone is a huge red flag.

  2. For a year, due to initially feeling down because of a divorce, when I went to bed, I wrote down all the things I felt grateful/appreciative for. It rewired my thoughts and really helped.

  3. I literally just started taking 10mg melatonin tablets and my life changed within 2 weeks. i couldn't wait to fall asleep and have insane lucid dreams and wake up great

  4. A good informative episode, my sleep fell apart after being parentally alienated from my children. As another comment said – writing down things to be grateful for, or best points of the day, can improve the mind

  5. I'm getting older. 42. I definitely need my sleep more so now than when I was younger. I've probably gone from sleeping 4-6 hours a night in my youth, to 8-10 hours in my 30s and 40s. I let my body decide when I get up. I have no issues sleeping tho. Never have. I really think this is dependent on alot of things. I will definitely agree stress management is key. You have to keep stress, and distractions out of your life. But outside of that, just empty your battery. Live an active life. Exercise. Eat relatively healthy. Stop eating and drinking caffeine 4-5 hours before bed out of habit. It's best for your diet anyway. And keep a clear conscience. When you like, and respect the man you see in the mirror, and you know you're doing the things you need to do day in and day out to be who, and where you want to be in life, it clears up a lot of issues across the board. Self respect, and a clear conscience are better than any sleeping aid.

  6. You should know the name of the mattress you sleep on. Your bed and your boots. Don't skimp on either of them. My boots are hand made. My mattress is damn near hand made and natural. You spend 6k on a mattress, you're not going to forget the name.

  7. Very comprehensive video! I had some atrial fibrillation sure to Covid and work stress. I got it under control using many of the recommendations in this video. One addition that I would recommend is HRV training for stress reduction. I use a device by Heartmath. It is essentially breathing exercises with biofeedback. I feel that it relaxes me as well as gives me indications of when I am under more stress so I can find extra time to relax.

  8. Normally, I really like your content, Rich, but this was by far the most massive pile of horseshit I've ever heard in my life. It addresses nothing in terms of dealing with chronic insomnia and deals with the only the dumbed down, basic bitch sleep issues people have – due to solely of their own volition.

    People with chronic conditions like anxiety, insomnia and perhaps other deeper issues within the brain that are causing the sleep disturbance. You could do ALL of the above correctly (to which I have done so for a long ass time now) and have it make zero difference in life. I was still falling asleep at 8pm, waking up at 2am and feeling like total shit all day long. This is in spite of having optimal hormone levels, good training and nutrition and staying away from blue light etc etc etc.

    Go ahead and take this advice for starters, it may work for you. But don't be surprised if it's something deeper. Get a sleep study done, get the right answers and respond to it with the correct treatment. Ensure you're fit and healthy first and there's no holes in your daily planning. For me, all of the above was a fuckin waste of time until I got a sleep study done and the results gave me the correct method of treatment.

  9. I'm a 33 year old male living in Boston, Mass and I've had problems with sleeping (still do). My regular job is general construction I work from 8am to 6pm and usually don't get a night's rest until midnight. This has been going on for at least 13+ years maybe more but my memory is shot. I would regularly wake up between the hours of 2-6 in the morning before work, even during my off days. When I saw this video searching up Rich's channel that's when my eyes lit up 💡I am definitely going to check out all of these items especially that Chilipad mattress it seems like a great investment.

  10. If you go to sleep early enough, I’ve actually found that not having blackout curtains works the best for me. The idea is that I want to wake up when the sun rises so the bright light of the sun would be my alarm clock in a way. When I was using blackout curtains, I was waking up slightly more tired and I usually wanted to go back to sleep for a couple hours but when I woke up and there was sunlight glaring into my room, it made me more ready to get out of bed. Let me know if this works for any of you.

  11. I have a bunch of friends doing 5-6 hours of sleep max. Some of them are hardworking , but they drink coffee like mad. Guys aroiund their 35-36.
    Not sure how they do it. Perhaps I will see how long they can keep it up.

  12. Eating before bed also releases insulin which isnt ideal for falling asleep. Your body has a certain amount of energy and is meant to repair itself while we sleep. Instead it would be digesting the food you just ate.

  13. 26:00 I have to add to this guys, at 25 years I finally realized this by myself, I always had something to eat before sleeping, the moment I stopped doing this and slept with a semi-fast going on, like 10 hours since the last meal or even 14 hours, Ive just slept better had a higher amount of lucid dreams. This is a must guys, Richard tells it here and I tell you guys its totally worth it.

  14. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder also messes up sleep, it was worse when I lived in Scandinavia for 11.5 years as it's so dark so early, wake up dark go to bed dark and the sun don't come up until mid January.

  15. Great tips, Rich. Other than the CPap I can attest to all. The Whoop is a useful tool for sleep and general wellness in addition to its active person insights.

  16. Writing my doubts, fears, ideas, worries on paper has being incredible therapeutic and useful for me. I'm doing it more than 10 years.

  17. Great content and video as usual Rich. Side note, I had to manually find this video from your channel. It won’t show any of your videos on your main page for some reason, only your shorts.

  18. I originally came to the channel for the advice on becoming an Unplugged Alpha, but I’ve stayed because Rich offers so much more than just advice on how to interface with the women in your life. I absolutely LOVE every new video he does that takes a deep dive into the various self-improvement activities he has advocated on all of his channels. Whether it’s diet, exercise, supplements, starting a business, sleep, you-name-it, these topic-specific segments are incredibly valuable.

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