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TTC | Trying to Conceive | Pink Stork Fertility Bundle Honest Review | Tiffanie Michelle

This is my honest review of the Pink Stork Fertility bundle. This is my own personal experience with these products and this review is based on everything that has happened with my cycle while on these products. Hope you enjoy! ❤️

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Hi! I’m Tiffanie, my husband’s name is Manny, and our son’s name is Tristian! We’re currently trying for baby #2 after almost a 10-year gap and we’re sharing the journey with you along the way! We are excited to share our everyday adventures with you! If you made it all the way here, you freaking rock and I want to thank you for your love and support! Might as well subscribe!


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TTC | Trying to Conceive | Pink Stork Fertility Bundle Honest Review | Tiffanie Michelle

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26 thoughts on “TTC | Trying to Conceive | Pink Stork Fertility Bundle Honest Review | Tiffanie Michelle

  1. I got married to my lovely husband for the past 8 years without conceiving and fibroid was the issue. I took different prescribed medication but could not cure it. But my husband was so confident in me and kept encouraging me that one day someone will call me mother , we did not rest searching for solutions from different doctors. All they could say was I should do a surgery surgery and I was afraid of that. then a friend in my office introduce me to a traditional Richard who sent his herbs to me through DHL courier, which I only drank for 2 weeks and after a month it worked perfectly for me and my medical doc confirmed me pregnant after just 1 week I ended taking the traditional herbs I'm so happy.. so it's best you try reaching him on Whatsapp today on this number +2348129605087 and see if there can be any help

  2. Don’t take pink stork of your cycles ARE REGULAR PLEASE!!!!!! It messes your cycle! This product is great for lots of woman with irregular cycles but please don’t take if you have regular cycle

  3. I am here to testify how great man called Dr OMO helped me out
    with herbs and roots which he prepared for me in use of curing
    Getting pregnant after 8 years of try to conceive with fibroid I takes his product (cure for my fibroid made with herbal medicine Root) for (14) days before I
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  4. Can you please tell us if your body is back to normal now? I took this tea for just 3 days (2 cups daily) and I’m experiencing the same symptoms you did. First month with no ovulation. I’m freaking out! And I wonder how long before or if my body will ever be back to normal.

  5. We just had our 5th consecutive loss. All blood work had been normal, but my cycles have gotten long. We took a break between our 4th loss and conceived 3 months later, but sadly lost the pregnancy at 5 weeks. Before I even began bleeding I started this fertility supplement, coq10, and vit c and e. 7 days after i stopped my miscarriage bleeding I ovulated! On cycle day 15. I usually ovulate past cycle day 26.

    We are praying we get a rainbow this cycle. Baby dust to everyone!

  6. Also, have you tried tracking your bbt align with OPKs? OPKs can read a positive but doesn’t indicate that you have actually ovulated, just that you had an LH surge, but bbt is accurate as you will only show a drop then rise if you have actually released an egg. The only downside is it tells you after the fact which is why I say use OPKs to detect the surge then bbt to confirm ovulation! This is my first video of yours so if you have done this already I’m sorry! I’ve just learned so much on this fertility journey. Also start OPKs about cycle day 10, twice a day until your tests get a darker then test 3 times a day until your peak! Sending dust your way!

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  8. I took the sweets for about two weeks it messed up my regular period . I thought i was pregnant because i missed my period and my boobs were sore i took two pregnancy test both negative 😢😢😔 i am still waiting on my period so i can try again.

  9. Hey I just watched ur video and was curious on an update if they ever worked or if u tried anything else that worked my cycle is pretty regular all tho this month it was kinda how u explained ur cycle was I have 31 day cycle and without taking anythjng I was five days late took a pregnancy test yesterday cuz I had gotten it but it wasn't like my normal period tests came back both negative my hubby and I been trying for three years and got pregnant but sadly it ended in miscarriage so I was wondering if u found anything else that worked for u especially didn't make ur cycle or anything like that all out of whack thank u for ur time and good luck on ur journey as well on TTC

  10. The same thing happened to me! I think those pills are disrupting somthing in the body. I never had an issue getting pregnant, it was staying pregnant. But after taking those pills, my ovulation was always regular and on time. I had a very regular cycle. Now its been 5 months and not one positive test. I am so sad and scared that those pills did something!!

  11. Just found your video! So I did not try for my first baby (big surprise) but baby #2 was planned and I got pregnant right away. When we ttc for baby #3 it took me 11 months. I went into nursing management on night shift when baby#2 was 5 months then when she turned a year old we started trying 2 months later in August 2018 but didn’t get pregnant until July 2019. I quit my job in June and went back to bedside nursing and literally my next cycle I got pregnant.

  12. Hi am new here I have a normal cycle and I just started talking the pink strock tea an pill right ofter my period am wondering if it going mess up my cycle. Am hoping for the best n wishing baby dust for us all.

  13. I took the fertility tea this passed cycle and did not ovulate at all this month. So frustrated as I've started my journey and shop worried I messed my self up for more months to come😞 I have been taking ovulation tests since the end of my period and all are negative. Good luck to everyone trying♥️

  14. We've been trying for 2 years, and currently just got this product. So hopefully it works because I havent gotten my period but i feel like Im about to get it. It feels weird, ever since I used this product. Hopefully it works.

  15. Hey! My sister please be patient and pray pray pray!
    So I’m actually taking the tea now and have been taking it once a day since the first day of my cycle. I’m waiting for my positive ovulation test hopefully tomorrow but I am getting a bit nervous because my lh should’ve been going slightly up by now. I only took the tea once a day because I also have regular cycles and I’ve read that a lot of women’s cycle was changed due to the supplements and teas. I’m just giving it to Allah and letting Him guide me. This is a learning experience. We just have to be patient. We have to have faith and pray for the best🤲 May Allah bless you with offspring that will be the coolness of your eyes! Ameen

  16. I drank two teas while ovulating (didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to until recently) and now my period is late. Took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Waiting until the end of the week to take another test. I’m praying I took the test too early and it didn’t mess up my cycle. I’m thinking it was only two cups of tea so how much harm could that really cause… ???

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