Truphoria Lizard King 4Gram Mushroom Chocolate Bar review by “Lindsey Chambers”

First of all I would really like to emphasize how delicious this mushroom chocolate bar really is.

The last time I did mushrooms was about 10 years ago, I turned 35 years old Nov 2020… but the first time I did mushrooms I was 15 😏
Let me tell you the 4 gram mushroom chocolate bar is put into 8 different squares that are breakable like a regular chocolate bar. If you’re like myself you’ve tried mushrooms in many different forms. . 

For example I’ve used a coffee bean grinder ( put the certain amount that each person was doing in a shot glass with a little bit of juice and take it back), I’ve tried them on pizza, I have also just straight up chewed the caps and the stems…

This mushroom chocolate bar was the most enjoyable edible experience of all my mushroom experiences, 18+ times of trying them. The mushrooms are ground so finely they do not get stuck in your teeth the chocolate is not too sweet not overpowering. 

Keep in mind on New Year’s Eve I only had two light meals before I ate this mushroom chocolate bar. Within about 15 to 20 minutes I started feeling the effects,  I started seeing lights being more 3D a very euphoric feeling, over my entire body! Complete calmness and a sense of being grounded. 

Fast-forward 40 minutes later and I decided texting or being on electronics were too much for me, I wanted to put them aside and really fully enjoy this experience. Thurley enjoyed the silence of the Christmas lights on the tree and my surroundings even though I was in my condo, in silence with my sleeping dog.

A few times I felt as if there was a futuristic computer touch screen directly in front of me. This was amazing!! I literally put my hand out and I could touch it as if I was in a Sci-Fi movie. I was absolutely seeing all these different dimensions on a clear Sci-Fi computer wall. 

I was so fascinated and I did this off and on, curious what buttons I could press and where would bring me? into a dimension that I clearly could not see if not being on mushrooms. 

Patterns on the curtain were vibrant and popping out at me. I felt as if I had weightlessness and just calmness over my entire body especially having such a stressful year for all of us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sci-Fi touch computer screen in front of me that would come and go, with control.

I felt so in tune with my mind and body it was an amazing 4 hour experience. 
Oh and let me tell you the image on the “Truphoria Lizard King Mushroom Chocolate Bar” packaging is exactly what I was envisioning right in front of my eyes. (reference to the curtains popping out with vibrations)

I highly recommend trying this!!! … If it is your first time trying mushrooms please do your research.

For anyone who has enjoyed the psychedelics of mushrooms I swear this Truphoria Lizard King 4Gram Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a absolute must, must try.

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