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TRT Doses | How Often or NEVER? | All You Need with Dr. Rand McClain

In this video, Dr. Rand McClain sits down to talk to you about the pros and cons of dividing your TRT doses. There is debate on whether splitting up your TRT dose is beneficial or detrimental. Dr. Rand gives his insight and recommendation on whether or not to split up your does. Dr. Rand McClain was recently interviewed on The Mind Pump Podcast: Episode 1607

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14 thoughts on “TRT Doses | How Often or NEVER? | All You Need with Dr. Rand McClain

  1. Completely disagree, splitting dose 2x weekly, every 3.5 days I feel entirely better than a 1x a week massive blast of test that starts to waiver as the week winds down and I approach my next shot;
    Twice a week I feel way more “balanced”
    It also requires less AI use at least on my behalf.

  2. So, this docs reasoning is at 1x/week you can just use an AI to control estrogen from big peak rather than pin 2-3x week

    How bad for you lol

    He does however give anecdotal evidence of patients feeling better at 1x(no loss of libido, better mood) at about 50%.

  3. I'm a bit suprised this is Dr. Rands stance on injection frequency. It keeps levels more stable, it STOPS the need for AI's (more drugs added) plus stops fluctuations in DHT levels which is good for preventing acne and possibly slowing down hair loss.

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