Triple Episode: I Was Told Two Different Men are my Father | Paternity Court

1. Sheats v. Rhodes – A woman is in court to see if the court will grant a paternity test to the two men she was told were her fathers.
2. Wooten Jr. v Baccus – A woman from Grand Prairie, TX comes to court to prove to a man and his daughter what she has been certain of her whole life, he is her biological father.
3. ScottMcCray v. Scott – A Charlotte mother and daughter sue one another over unpaid loans and alleged dishonesty.


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Triple Episode: I Was Told Two Different Men are my Father | Paternity Court

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48 thoughts on “Triple Episode: I Was Told Two Different Men are my Father | Paternity Court”
  1. I have a serious question … first i have to mention that i'm not racist in any way … i love everyone 💕 but something grab my attention each time i watch this paternity court , why most of cases are about balck people ????!!! Is that because the jusdge is black or because this is a major problem in balck community ?

    I'm really wonder what is up with this situation … !!!

  2. I guess was cute and got away with this I don’t know good men was getting finessed !!! Meanwhile I’m a good woman and got a retarted bd smh

  3. The first girl was raised and loved by two wonderful men. The second girl is so broken… and just because they had doubts was no reason to treat her like that… my heart aches for her. haven't watched 3rd yet

  4. I was both touched and angered by the first case. It's a blessing that she had two men in her life that wanted to be her father. I'm upset that the mother gamed them both for money. And I'm hurt for the brother – I she continues to be his sister. That second case, though? You could hear that lady's inner child screaming out for comfort. Heartwrenching.

  5. First case. . . First thing that stood out to me is that they have the same front teeth w/a gap and then noticed that they share other facial features. . . . Let's see. . .

  6. I always thought when these sibling test are done! What if the child that’s supposed to be the bio child is actually not! Just a thought

  7. There is NOTHING like a father's LOVE!!! AND…. The judge can agree to that. She was so happy and right at that moment, I felt that love my father gave me. I miss him so much, Love is the best feeling when you know it's real.

  8. The first lady and her mother both are disgusting. They took advantage of both men. It's BS she up here crying when she knew all along smh!

  9. Chiiiiile that second case is telling me: stay in school, focus on your career, wear condoms every time and pop them plan bs if need be .

  10. The last case- IGNORANCE is BLISS!! Stop having kids and having expectations that others will or are supposed to help raise them when times get hard! Keep your business to yourself and STOP involving your mom, whenever things go awry. You can't have it both ways…Accepting help after you've asked and then want her to steer clear of your marriage/personal life. Stop asking and stop telling….Easy Peasy 😊

  11. Did they forget the brother, he was sad to find out the news. I feel for him. Look at his face. Ask him how he feels.

    Congratulations on the truth❤ I’m a daddy girl! I’m happy for her.

  12. Men who produce many children, by many mother's & keep it on the down low, are terrible, that's how it ends up with half siblings sometimes dating, not knowing they're related! These kids NEED to know. They need to know for medical history as well

  13. Honestly, the woman in the last case makes me really makes me try to figure out how in the world she would think that her mother owes her anything. She doesn't want to admit that her husband is a deadbeat. Smh…

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