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Treatment of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding (Gynecology – Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding)

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24 thoughts on “Treatment of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding (Gynecology – Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding)

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  2. I have not had a period in 64 days and prior to that I had a 64 day cycle. I am 4 months off BCP. I have a doctors appointment next Monday. I am 27 years old. Will I need a biopsy? Can my doctor prescribe me a Provera?

  3. Do you typically have a patient in my situation have an endometrial biopsy? I'm so confused as to why my cycles are so long now. I never had anything more than a 45 day cycle as a teen, before birth control pills.

  4. Thank you so much for your help. Because of insurance reasons & changes, I was not able to go to the doctor. I did get my period yesterday. I am consistently getting my period every other month. Basically I got it at the end of July, September, & now November. I about 4.5 months off BCP. I will be able to go to the doctor again, with my reenrolled insurance, in Feb of 2014. Do you think it is okay to keep trying to conceive with this kind of cycle? Is this kind of cycle safe?

  5. Thank you for your help. This site will be a very big help to those going through the new insurance changes. My period did come and go very normally. I am thankful for your help. I would have had to pay $140 to see my OB. I'm hoping this cycle decreases from 2 month. Unfortunately, every cycle since stopping BCP has been 2 months almost to the hour.

  6. Im 25 since I started having my period at 15 its never been regular then at 17 I've gotten pregnant then miscarried before my miscarriage my period skip for 3 months then came after my miscarriage it gotten worst It would come this month then skip for 4-5 months and when it does come it come like a whole month and I have to go see my doctor to stop it I tried getting pregnant but it never happen I tried for 7 years after my miscarriage and no baby can you help me please

  7. i feel so worried because i have this abnormal bleeding,its not heavy bleeding though,just light.what makes me worried was because i just had my period maybe two weeks ago,,is there a problem?

  8. I watched your videos, it's very informative thank you so much for sharing, however I am 19 and I have irregular cycle all my life, at times I don't have a period for 2 or 3 months and when it does come it last for Like 2 weeks n it's usually heavy, I have been to the doctor about this and he prescribe minigynon which is a contraceptive, that regulated my period for a while, It started making me have upset stomach a lot so I stopped taking it, recently, like exactly a month ago my period started, at 2 weeks into it I got concerned because it was really heavy and it was clotting a lot as well, I would be laying down and when I stand up it would be like literally pouring out a glass of water, I was loosing a lot of blood my head would continuously hurt I was weak and I got tired easily, I went to the doctor and he prescribed for me "proverna" for 7 days, I thought it would stop because it was getting lighter, the 7 days passed and the bleeding is back, only this time I'm feeling some pain directly over my vagina, it has become really hard to stand upright because of the pain I'm feeling, I really need your advise as to how I can make this stop, please reply

  9. I really am tired of this heavy bleeding, My Gynecologist did test on me and told me the result was negative Thank God, but this bleeding doesn't stop and gets heavy What should I do?

    I am not on any medication right naw.

  10. one day i went to the bathroom and i wiped after urinating and there was lots of blood and i was so scared and wanted to cry im 13 and i was like ok maybe it will go away in a couple of dayd or weeks it's been going on for 2 days i dont want to tell my mom because im scared of going to the doctor and when i peed thrbblood came with it please help me i cant tell anyone because im scared

  11. I've been having my period every other week for the past 3-4 months … It's soo frustrating 😩 I'm 29 I've been using Maca for the past 2 weeks not sure if that would help

  12. Does anybody know if transvaginal ultrasounds show cervical cancer? I'm not talking about the precancerous cells, but when there is already cancer which cause bleeding for example.

  13. hai..i just want to ask..i had long period (4month) non stop.. my doc give me provera tablet for 3 month.. i need to take 2 pills twice per day.. its that ok? within this 3month will i get my period? btw after day 1 i took this pill my period completely stop.. but i got symptoms like hard to breathe and breast tenderness. 😔

  14. I was suffering from spotting for 1 month. my doctor did pap smear and prescribed me provera for 10 days. after taking first pill my spotting stopped. bt its on 8th day and again its strted spotting. is it normal to bleed while taking provera?

  15. There is a way to remove fibroids naturally with herbs. My sister was suffering so badly with cysts that she passed out from dehydration. The only option they gave her at washington Adventist hospital in Takoma Park, MD (Washington DC metro area) was “exploratory surgery”. Once they realized she had blue cross blue shield ppo then she could get an IV after editing in the ER without one while they determined her insurance status since we came in the ambulance… anyways they asked her to sign off on the surgery that “if” they find something they deem necessary I be surgically removed (ie hysterectomy) then they’d have permission to move forward while she was under. Needless to say we left the emergency room that day and went to the TPSS Food co-op and spoke with a consultant there who made recommendations on supplants and herbs that would help. Two years later she and her husband had a healthy, bouncing baby boy. Just saying, it’s a long road. With pain since the cycle must shrink, burst and come out naturally but hey. She had a completely healthy reproductive system today. ♥️🙏🏽

    We keep the list handy of supplements since cysts run in the family.

  16. I am 53 and taking Provera to stop spotting/bleeding between periods. I missed my period last month for the first time since I was 12!!! I had every kind of test including an endometrial biopsy and tested negative for fibroids, polyps, tumors, or cancer. My gyny chalked it up as perimenopause. I have not had any other symptoms. Has anyone else had this same problem?

  17. A friend of mine introduced me to a herbal doctor Dr.Ayomede who helped me cured my HERPES with his herbal medication, and my life was transformed and everything is fine and okay with me all thanks to this great doctor

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