Transforming Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium (Part 6/6)

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium aims to unite peers and encourage collaboration across hospitals, ambulatory settings, and cardiac rehabilitation centers to transform care delivery through a patient-centered and value-based referral design to the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation symposium presents a wide range of
cardiovascular scientific sessions relating to CMS governance, trends in interventional and transcatheter procedures, digital cardiac health, cardiac surgeries, aortopathies, and arrhythmia management. The focus is on referral, patient engagement (enrollment and participation), center-based, hybrid, virtual, and remote cardiac rehabilitation reimbursement, exercise therapy, dietary guidelines, and behavioral management strategies.

Learning Objectives
• Identify appropriate indications for referrals to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs.
• Compare and contrast current practice and guidelines relating
to cardiac rehabilitation.
• Appraise current practice and opportunities for optimization
of care delivery.
• Design a patient centered and value based care referral process.


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