Tracking Gym Member Attendance: How & Why

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  • Tracking gym member attendance can be very important for analyzing your fitness business and finding ways to increase revenue.
  • There are many different ways to track gym member attendance. Finding the right method that works for you and your clients is essential.
  • Having gym management software can help with attendance and many other features that you and your clients can benefit from.

One of the main reasons why any gym or fitness studio is successful is because of member attendance.

Having a growing and consistent clientele helps ensure your fitness business stays afloat, and tracking your gym attendance allows you to analyze how your gym’s attendance rate affects your business. Below, we will go over why it is important to track your member attendance and how to do so.

And, if you’re looking for software that enables you with not just attendance tracking features but a host of others that help run and automate your business, gym management software is the perfect solution. To learn more, book a demo with the team today!

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The Importance of Tracking Gym Member Attendance

Tracking gym member attendance allows access to valuable information that can directly influence the success of your gym and clients through two factors — gym member experience and measurable data.

It Enhances Gym Member Experience

Gym membership attendance tracking is not only beneficial to you as a gym owner, but it can be helpful to clients as well. Allowing clients to utilize gym check-in software inside your gym or through their phones is a good way to keep your gym organized and structured.

It can be especially important for clients as they can have some insight into their attendance rate to ensure that they do not start to slack off on their schedule. In doing this, incentives can also be given to clients who consistently attend your gym on time, which can really build member retention.

Learn how to structure a rewards program in, “How Do You Structure a Rewards Program for Gym Members?

It Provides Measurable Data

It may seem that the more people you have going to your gym signifies that your gym is doing well. While this can be true, much more goes into just looking at the total number of clients you have coming through your doors, especially on a year-to-year basis.

Each year can have different obstacles, and each client can go through periods of time where they cannot use your services. Whether your clients consist of collegiate athletes who only come to your gym to train for the summer or new clients staying in your area for a certain time period, your clientele attendance rate can fluctuate throughout the year.

One of the main reasons why tracking your gym member attendance is important is because you can specifically keep track of any and every instance of member attendance data. Not only can you analyze the total number of clients you have every year, but you can see which months have more attendance than others and make decisions based on this data.

For example, you may have provided your clients a certain class one month, and as a result, that month saw more clients come to your gym. By tracking this attendance data, you can compare that specific month’s attendance rate to others and possibly offer that class in other months to bolster attendance.

You can also see which seasons of the year have higher attendance rates compared to others. The summer months may be when your gym sees a surge of attendance, so offering more services or possibly altering your availability to accommodate more clients may enhance attendance further and make up for other seasons where the attendance rate declines.

By tracking your gym member attendance rate, you allow for countless ways to analyze your business and improve your revenue streams, ultimately determining your gym’s success.

With that being said, you must first know how to track member attendance to reap the benefits it can bring. Tracking member attendance may not seem like an easy task, but you can do so effectively with the right knowledge and tools.

How Do You Track Gym Member Attendance?

There are many ways to track member attendance, making finding the appropriate methods that specifically work well for your gym essential. Below, we will go over the five main tracking methods that you can incorporate into your gym.

Manual Gym Member Attendance Tracking

If you are not tech-savvy or don’t want to deal with software, manually tracking gym member attendance could be most ideal. This can be done easily using just a notebook and pen, making it a simple and cost-effective method for tracking attendance.

However, there are cons to tracking manually. Human errors can pose as a factor, and the increased time it can take to manually jot down attendance information every week may take time away from doing other important things for your business.

Tracking Gym Members With Google Docs

If you want to manually track your gym attendance but record information on a computer or device instead of on paper, Google Docs can be a great alternative.

The great thing about Google Docs is that it not only allows you to create spreadsheets and word documents, but you are also able to share these documents with others easily and can access/edit them on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to create an attendance spreadsheet from scratch. Google Docs has preloaded templates that you can use to start tracking attendance immediately.

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Cloud Access Control Systems

If you are looking for a more automated method for tracking attendance, utilizing cloud access control systems may be the way to go for your gym. This can be done through ID cards that can be given to clients to scan in your gym.

For systems like these, the member attendance data is typically automated, which can greatly decrease the amount of time that is usually spent physically tracking attendance data. The downsides of cloud access control systems are that the technology and installation can be pricey, and members may forget their IDs that they use for scanning.

Mobile App Gym Member Trackers

Many mobile apps are designed specifically for tracking member attendance. In this day in age, people are utilizing their phones more than ever, especially for mobile applications, which makes utilizing fitness apps for attendance beneficial for many. There are a plethora of attendance tracking apps in the Apple and Google Play stores with different features that cater to both gym owners and clients.

If you want a mobile solution for tracking gym attendance, finding an app that works for you may be a good option. However, the con of attendance tracking apps is that they are all not made equal. It may be difficult finding one with enough features that fit your needs, and often, the better ones usually force you to pay a subscription to utilize better features.

Attendance tracking is not the only thing that mobile apps can be helpful for. Having a general app for your gym that enables you with many different features is as important as ever. Check out our article, “3 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs an App,” to learn why.

Fitness Business Management Software

Tracking gym member attendance is an important component of your gym’s operations and growth, but it is not the only one. From workout plans, client scheduling, and nutrition tracking, there are many areas of your gym that need attending to, and simply tracking attendance won’t be enough for overall success.

Having an all-in-one management software platform is the ideal solution for fitness businesses, and it is why provides its users with such.

For example, takes care of all of your attendance tracking needs by providing you with a variety of ways to track attendance, such as through mobile apps, cloud access control systems using our Kisi integration, in-person check-in kiosks, or on a gym management software platform.

You can choose to utilize any or a combination of these offerings, but with all of them, the data will be automatically sent to your management software dashboard, where you can sort it by member, date, time, and generate a variety of business reports.

What makes gym management software special, though, is that attendance tracking is just a small part of its overall capability. empowers fitness businesses to thrive with features that include:

Not tracking your gym’s attendance rate can put you at a disadvantage as it can be an essential part of your gym’s success. At the same time, having a software platform that helps take care of all your other needs in addition to attendance tracking can be crucial.

If you are looking for one that allows you to do just that, book a demo with the team today!

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