LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Playard

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Playard

Fisher-Price Baby Trance Portable Baby Cot

2. Fisher-Price Baby Trance Portable Baby Cot

R for Rabbit Hide & Seek Baby Folding

3. R for Rabbit Hide & Seek Baby Folding

Baybee Classic Baby Playpen Playard

4. Baybee Classic Baby Playpen Playard

Nuluv Baby Playpen Playard

5. Nuluv Baby Playpen Playard

Joie Kubbie Sleep Playard Foggy Grey

6. Joie Kubbie Sleep Playard- Foggy Grey

Graco Playard with Automatic Folding Feet Priscilla

7. Graco Playard with Automatic Folding Feet Priscilla

Best Playpen for Babies India, Buyer’s Guide 2021

Protecting the baby is very important when the baby is too small. At the same time, you will need a safe place where you can keep your small baby when you are doing your household works. In this situation, the best baby playpen in India often referred to as playgrounds, are part of your child’s rescue.

You can also use a swing or cane to keep the baby busy for a few minutes keeping them busy would help you to do your important work first.

A variety of playpens are available for small children. You can get all the table decorations that you can easily carry around while travelling. There is also a phone switching centre and one that has a music centre.

This article will tell you more about the best playpens available for your little one. But first, look at the buyer’s guide.

Buyer’s guide

There is some consideration you should keep in mind while buying the best playpen for babies India

1. Age Group: If your child can’t move around on their own, you don’t need to buy a baby playpen (unless you want a combination playground and travel play yard). But any time your Joy Pack starts crawling – usually after five months – a baby playpen can seem like a really smart idea. Each playpen has its own weight and size restrictions, but most should last up to two years.

2. Folding: The ability to fold your playpen into a fraction of its size makes walking that much easier. Some models come with their own carrying case so you can easily fold it up and move it around.

3. Wheels: Some playpens run on wheels, which makes the wind easier from room to room. The wheels can also be a useful feature for parents who don’t want to carry the playpen every time they move. Just make sure they are locked after you park the pen.

4. Expandable: playpens are available in all sizes. Some are compact and ideal for small homes or travel. Others occupy a lot of space, which gives adventurous children a place to explore.

5. Shape: When it comes to shapes, you usually have two options: rectangle and octagon. Since rectangular playpen fit in corners and on walls they are a great option for apartment or apartment dwellers. Octagonal arenas usually have a wider perimeter, so they are more suitable for open spaces.

3 Best Seller Playpen for Babies India 2021

By keeping all the important considerations in mind we have chosen the top 3 best seller playpen for babies India 2021

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Online, Playpen for Babies India
LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen / Available on Amazon

If you are just looking for a baby playpen without additional accessories like a swing or changing station, then this budget-friendly option from LuvLap is for you.

The Luvlap Sunshine Playpen is available in three different colors and is perfect for babies as soon as they start crawling. It has air nets on both sides for better ventilation, so babies don’t feel like they are in a cramped cage. There is also a mosquito net that protects your baby from insects while sleeping.

There is also a zippered door at the bottom where the baby can enter and exit. The downside, however, is that once your baby learns to open up, you probably won’t find your baby in the playpen after leaving him there.

Because there is no swing, this playpen is not necessarily recommended for babies under 6 months of age. In addition, the mattress pad only has a mattress thickness of 2 cm. As a result, you may need an extra mattress so that your baby can sleep comfortably.

Playpen for Babies India Online, Fisher-Price Portable Baby Playpen
Fisher-Price Portable Baby Playpen / Available on Amazon

This Fisher-Price portable playpen is available in Space Grey color and is suitable from birth as they come with portability to entertain your baby when you take them out for roaming.

This play yard is quite easy to install. Thanks to its foldable design, this bag is quite compact so it’s easy to carry in a travel bag.

Since the cot has netted on all sides, your baby can see what’s going on outside, which makes it comfortable and safe.

However, the downside is that there are no mosquito nets and the mattress may not be too comfortable for a long nap. If you want to use it for a good night’s sleep, you may need to purchase a softer mattress.

In general, the crib is strong and durable enough for your baby until he is around 2-3 years old or weighs 15 kg.

R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Playpen, Playpen for Babies India
R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Playpen / Available on Amazon

Suitable for babies weighing up to 15 kg, this playpen is one of the little expensive options available on the market.

The baby cot is equipped with a full-size bassinet that can be used for up to 9-12 months of babies. The changing room is equipped with a toy bar with stuffed animals that offers soothing music to help babies fall asleep when they are little.

The cot also has a zippered door at the bottom for the baby to come out of. However, the downside of the locker room is that it doesn’t have an organizer to store the locker room.

The swing is equipped with a mattress. However, an extra mattress may be needed because the mattress provided is not too soft. You may also need to purchase the mosquito nets separately.

Once the baby starts to crawl, you may need to remove the crib and use it neatly as a play area to prevent the baby from accidentally jumping out of the playpen.

Overall, it’s one of the best purchases within your budget that is safe, durable, and has a service life of up to 2-3 years.


These are the playpens that have perfect replacement instructions, special dimensions, and placement. Together, these toys make a great place for babies.

You can put it on a newborn and rest assured that it is the perfect place to play for hours on end. It’s comfortable and also doesn’t have the added vibe, which makes it a pretty good investment for a long stay.

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