Top 5 Crystal Blog Posts of 2022

Here you go — my Top 5 Most Popular Crystal Blog Posts of 2022! Our Crystal Family flocked to these gems 😉 and I’ve listed out and linked to all of them right here for you!   Maybe you’ve read some of these… but then again, maybe you’ve missed a few and want to check them out!

Come on, let’s dive in…

What were the most popular Crystal Blog Posts of 2022?

1.  Silver Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, the Silver Cord + Our Chakras

Topping the list for our most popular crystal blog posts is a super hot topic!

Come with me on a cosmic journey as we connect the dots between the sacred geometry inherent in crystals and one very special element and mineral;


Is it a Crystal? I know you may not think of silver as a crystal. Doesn’t look like one, but I assure you that it is.

Yes, silver is a mineral that can be a crystal. What is commonly known as “native silver” is silver that doesn’t have a distinctive crystal habit.

Learn it all right here:

2.  Ugh. More Crystal Fakes to Discuss

The second most popular crystal blog post is all about new Crystal Fakes.

Once again… I’m so grateful to my Certified Crystal Practitioner students who bring this stuff to my attention! (That’s usually how I keep my finger on the pulse of this crystal fakes stuff.)

I aim to educate our crystal community on what’s currently fooling us or being misrepresented on the market so we can make intelligent buying decisions.

Alright, let’s dig into some fakes and/or misrepresentations…

Find out all the info here:

3. Selenite Healing Properties, Correspondences, and Meanings

Ah, Selenite, named after Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. Let’s lurk into the depths of this ethereal stone and talk about the healing properties, correspondences, and meanings… some geology too! Why not?

Is it Gypsum, Selenite, or Satin Spar?

As of late, some have gotten very geotechnical with the terminology on this. So please allow me to clarify a bit.

What many have called “Selenite” for years (perhaps as clear back as the 15th century!) is most likely actually properly termed as “Satin Spar” nowadays.

Keep reading here:

4.  Crystals: How Do They Work? — the Full Break-Down!

More and more, I am asked: how crystals work.

Or more specifically, I’m frequently asked how they can quickly explain to others how crystals work.

Crystals have vibrations just like everything else does.

It’s important to keep in mind that our entire physical universe is made up of pure energy and vibration.

Keep Reading Here:

5.  The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing

Let’s jump in and talk about crystal chakra healing and balancing.

Crystal chakra healing is a powerful way to work with your crystals. It’s really easy and has lots of benefits.

We’re going to talk about the seven main chakras. Although we have more chakras than the seven main ones, these are the most well-known. The seven main chakras are the major portals or energy hubs of our body.

Each chakra has a corresponding color associated with it. Starting at the Root chakra straight up to the Crown chakra, the colors are really easy to memorize because they follow the color of the rainbow,

Read More here:

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this year in review of my five most popular crystal blog topics of 2022!

Have you read them all? Which one is your absolute favorite?  Tell me which one and why in the comments below! I’d love to know. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

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