Top 10 labour laws in India for Employees Ft.@LabourLawAdvisor

Hey Everybody, In this Video we will discuss Top 10 labour laws in India for employees.
In India Labour laws and reforms have been a controversial topic which no one wants to discuss and the majority of the population of India are not aware of their labour laws especially the daily wage laborers and even sometimes the employees working in huge establishments.

The Minimum Wages Act, EPF Act, Code on Wages Act (inclusive of 4 Acts), Maternity benefit Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Employees State Insurance Act and Payment of Gratuity Act are some of the major acts of labour law that every employee must know.

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Labour laws are very controversial and the unawareness of labour laws has raised the bar of urgency to know the basic labour rights of an employee. Are you sure that you are completely aware of your basic labour rights?

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