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Too Much, Not Enough:.: Persephone

Meet Persephone, the newest addition to my little family.

After tragically losing Billy 18 months ago, I still don’t know if I’ll ever get another dog. My heart just can’t bear it.

But with Misty getting older, and being an only pet for the first time in her life, I decided some months ago that I wanted to look into getting her a little buddy. I didn’t want to end up alone, and potentially risk the same situation that I’m in regarding dogs (not knowing if I could bear to get another cat, after I one day say goodbye to Misty).

So, last week, I had an appointment with my local rescue, and came home with a gorgeous little tortie.

Persephone (or ‘Sephi’ for short), is an absolute sweetheart. She has a squeaky little meow, and an endless desire for affection. At the rescue, they called her ‘Cruella’, but I can’t possibly imagine why.

I was initially planning to rescue an adult cat, but after a lot of thinking about it, I decided that a kitten would be much less stressful for Misty. Her only experience of other cats is when the neighbourhood cats back home used to attack her, and I didn’t want her feeling intimidated by introducing another adult cat.

Even going to the rescue was a big step. The last time I was there, Billy was at their attached vet clinic for his surgery. That was the last time I would ever see him alive. A lot of sadness and memories came up as I walked in to adopt Sephi, but this has helped add some more positive associations to the location.

Misty isn’t 100% on board with her little friend yet. After slowly introducing them over the first week, there is still the occasional hiss or growl from Misty, especially when Sephi chases her around wanting to play. But a few days ago, Misty was curled up snoozing on my lap, and Sephi snuck up for a cuddle with her. They stayed there for well over an hour! They’re getting along better every day, and that’s the best I can ask for.

So far, I have felt better than I have for some months. Watching Sephi as she snoozes on my lap makes me feel like I’m floating. There has been so much stress going on lately – both in the world at large and my own life – it’s made a welcome break to take some time and just enjoy the moment.

I’ll update on everything else soon. My laptop has been in for repair for a few weeks (it’s complicated, and potentially a lost cause), so I’m just writing this quick post while I visit mum.

I hope everyone out in the blogosphere is doing as best they can. Take care of yourselves <3


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