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“To Be” for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

You may think this post is a political advertisement: I see it is a love poem and public service announcement.



To Be
             for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

In the recent past of shattered hope,
The Occupy Wall Street Movement,
working for revolution, was crushed.
Timely Obama looked to be visionary;
Yet, was blinded by The White House;
His substitute is an oily machination
That we stand for like bowling pins.
Today, I saw a human catalyst aglow
set to campaign for a true democracy
That could propel an atheist into belief.
It would appear the beast slouching to
Us will find itself in a sea of resistance.
If this resistance is filled with earnest
Moves and moving love, everything is
Possible for us and distant generations.
The chains are off; road shown; it’s time
To be. Be huge. The Movement is here.
Now for the work of a trenchant hold.




In spite of getting national attention, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is said to be a long-shot to unseat the incumbent, Joseph Crowley, in New York’s 14th Congressional District election (June 26, 2018, Democratic primary). Alexandria is a 28-year-old from the Bronx with a Puerto Rican heritage and has never run for any public office. She has been an educator and helped organize for Bernie Sanders’ presidential run. Crowley has been a U.S. Representative since 1999 and has not been challenged by anyone in a primary in 14 years. He is Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and Chair of the Queens Democratic Party: think archaic political machinery. He has plenty of industrial strength financial backing and, as of 3/31/2018, had raised $2,777,488 for his campaign, while Cortez raised $115,653. She pledges not to take PAC money and only accepts donations from individuals; the district is mostly working class and most donations are meager. I could continue painting a bleak picture of Alexandria’s chances of winning against someone who is backed by the same party that betrayed Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton, but this is not what I am feeling after attending a recent campaign rally where she spoke. Alexandria, with intelligence and passion, articulated what is possible when local communities come together and work hard, as well as strategically. She brought to the discussion highly progressive values and prioritized the inclusion of all others in a way that is rare: in the current grotesquely conservative political climate, her determination to embrace members of all marginalized communities is risky; she is fearless. Alexandria undoubtedly wants to be a champion for working families; and after being in the same room with her, I can see how she evokes familial feelings in others with her authentic charisma. I can easily associate her with family, which maybe explains my too comfortable use of her first name. The poem may be way over the top.   

She has only two weeks left to run. I have always prided myself on recognizing talent and winners after just a glimpse: it seems obvious to me that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

As always, keep writing.


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