Tissue Paper Stained Glass Christmas Shapes for Preschoolers

Using wax paper and tissue paper, preschoolers can make colourful “stained glass” Christmas shapes to decorate a window for the holidays. This easy process is a preschool-friendly version of the traditional tissue paper stained glass process that older kids love.

wax paper tissue paper stained glass christmas shapes for preschoolers

Did you see the tissue paper and stained glass stars we made the other day? You probably remember doing something similar when you were a kid in school.

The process to make them is lovely but it’s quite fiddly and delicate, and is definitely best-suited for older kids with advanced fine-motor skills.

Well, I’ve come up with a way for toddlers and preschoolers to make tissue paper stained glass art with a little help from a piece of wax paper.

Wax paper is translucent enough that it will let the sunlight shine through the tissue paper AND the kids can glue their tissue paper right to the wax paper instead of trying to glue it to the black paper outline. It’s also tough enough to protect the delicate tissue paper from ripping when kids are handling their finished craft.

Wax Paper and tissue paper Christmas shapes on window

Aren’t they beautiful? They look lovely hanging in a window or on your Christmas tree.

Wouldn’t it be pretty to decorate an entire window in your home or classroom with these colourful, festive shapes for Christmas?

You can see how we made them and get the step-by-step instructions over at CBC Parents.

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