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However, that had to change in the last year, and well, so did my mindset. 

Of course the first thing on my list to work out was getting the right gear, more specifically, the right clothing. I mean, obviously. 

Luckily, I found these aahhhhmazing leggings from Born Tough. And whew, they are exactly what I am looking for both my athletic-leisure dress code of working from home, as well as when I actually am working out. They pretty much check all of my boxes: 

✔️Side pockets

✔️Great colors

✔️Soft but flexible fabric

✔️Contoured so they feel great on my body

✔️And did I mention they have pockets?

They have both leggings and hoodies, so it is basically everything I need!

And like my hair dresser says. “look good, feel good!”

But how do you actually workout from home when you are not great at working out, but want to find some ways to move your body in a safe, effective way?

Well, finally we have some amazing options. A few of my favorite options for at home workouts:

  • The Tempo: This was my Christmas present to myself, and wow do I love it. With live and pre-recorded classes, I can workout with a trainer anytime I want. Not just do I have the visual reminder how to properly move, there is AI technology to correct your form which is perfect for someone like me as I am not experienced at weight training.

  • Peloton: Megan, our postpartum doula and lactation consultant, is team Peloton all the way. She loves the high energy of the workouts, with various skill levels, music choices, and challenges along the way.  code: WUNRBR

  • Train4Birth: If you are wanting the benefits of someone to coach you along the way, and enjoy having space in your living room, Monika at Train4Birth is for you! With Prerecorded workouts and live check ins with a physical therapist specializing in birth and postpartum, you get the best of both worlds!

  • Expecting and Empowered: As a more affordable option for those you have good understanding of how to safely move their bodies, Expecting and Empowered is a great option! The workouts are laid out for you in an easy to follow guide and based on the trimester that you are in so you can be sure that you are moving in a way that is safe for your body. With both pregnancy and postpartum guides, there is something for you! code: CBW10 to save 10%

So we have the clothes, we have the workout plans, let’s get to it!

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