Tips for Swallowing Pills

Swallowing pills can be difficult, particularly for some children. With a little help from Maddie, Dana-Farber Child Life Specialist Amanda Dean, MS, CCLS and …


32 thoughts on “Tips for Swallowing Pills

  1. its so soft, then i trued to bite it. Then it squashed, a little.. And the smell is soo bad that its like an Anti-biotic..! Now im even more afraid to swallow it

    Edit: anybody out there have tips to swallow one? Im almost gonna get whooped .

  2. Im 17 and I cant swallow pills today I chewed a pill and it made my mouth numb and my mom yelled at me that I need to know how to swallow a damn pill

  3. I can’t swallow pills don’t know why. And as disgusting as this sounds, I eat them. But this new pill I got is an a capsule. So I can’t eat it. And if I leave it in my mouth, it dissolves/melts. I still can’t do it :/

  4. Bruh, Im 19 and I still don't know how to swallow a pill. It scares me asf because I was traumatized when I was a kid. Out of a blue while I had a fever, my aunt forced me to take a big pill and I really can't handle it. I think that trauma brought me to this day. But I do remember I can swallow a pill with a mango when I was on 2nd grade. And there was one time when I was 14 that I can swallow it without a water. But seriously, the feeling that I am the only part of the family who doesn't know how to drink a medicine, they just make fun of you.

  5. so um i dont know if you can call this trauma, i dont, but i have almost swollowed a big candy when i was 8 or 9 and now i cant swollow pills that are bigger than a tic tac.. im really scared and i dont know of what.:( my mom always pressures me into trying to do it and says things like "if you dont swollow this pill now, you are sleeping outside" and that really doesn't help me. when she finally runs out of ways to pressure me to take the pill she would leave me and I would just start to cry, just like I am now. Idk. I hate myself for not being able to do it and now my parents do too i guess

  6. Yo think it like this a kid can do u can too what i noticed help it literally the thought process think about it after eating this you'll be better rather than thinking what if I can't swallow this and have a training phase I have 2 years of meds now so first month will be my training 😂 I think i can get used to it in s month then it'll just be like chore

  7. Trying to get my 6 year old to take his meds 2nd day we waisted a pill it's like the kid forgot how to swallow or something and they are slow release CANT BE CHEWED , thank you for this candy idea ! We are going to try it

  8. This actually helps me. I have anxiety and I get worried that I will choke so even though im 14 I can’t swallow pills. I watched this video as I drained a liquid claritin. Im having my mom buy some of these items so I can work my way up to the size of an ibuprofen. Thank you! And if anyone else is struggling you got this! It’s not easy and can be scary but work on it and things will get easier

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