“Can I follow Jesus, but also follow science?” “Can I be a good, supportive friend and validate feelings without letting feelings become facts?” ABSOLUTELY YES to all of the above – and Brittney Moses is here on THRIVE to help us make it happen. As a thought leader, content creator and advocate at the intersection of faith and mental health, Brittney is an ideal resource and incredible voice. In this episode, we talk about why therapy is still so stigmatized in some Christian circles (and how to help fix that). We talk about learning to personally differentiate between what is doable versus actually sustainable in your own life – and living accordingly. We talk about expanding beyond “I’ll pray for you!” in an authentic way to provide support via presence, practicality, validation, self-awareness, and resourcefulness. And, we talk about the difference between living “your truth” and THE Truth, and how to validate your (and others’) feelings while ultimately seeking and following Truth as guide.
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