This Morning’s Top Headlines – Jan. 13 | Morning News NOW

The U.S. reports more than one million new Covid cases for the fourth day in a row, House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy refuses to cooperate with the January 6 investigation, and NBC News’ Craig Melvin sits down with Vice President Kamala Harris.  

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40 thoughts on “This Morning’s Top Headlines – Jan. 13 | Morning News NOW

  1. The bottom banner on this news cast is distracting. Every couple of seconds the right hand NBC logo turns in a circle and turns off and then turns back on again it brings my eye down to it. Stupid banner

  2. The Reporter who was interviewing VP Harris, it's obnoxious. His attitude is horrible and he can't even ask a question without it sounding accusatory or like, "what you gonna do about it!" He's not very professional.

  3. 22 months and we still do not have free home tests delivered. My friends in other countries are getting kits sent to their homes… even care packages during quarantine (yes from their government) . The virus of Capitalism for corporate domination is disgusting in the USA.

  4. We are not doing better because, the idiots in Washington don't relize that it is the vaccinated people who are getting others sick, a mask is not going to help, the virus is a contact virus.

  5. Back in September when Delta was spreading like crazy, the democratic governors and mayors all across the country forced all the students to go back to school for in-person learning. However, when a student contracts the virus from the school, the school would tell the student to stay home. When the student stays home, he/she will spread the virus to the family. This policy is insane and is the reason we had a Delta surge and now the Omicron killing all of us. It looks like we need new leadership. Biden is old and senile. He is not going to lead us to win this war.

  6. I just did the math, adjusting for the size of the country, Japan’s rate of infection is 25% that of the United States. Japan virtually copies every guideline of the CDC, even listing the CDC as a resource on posters about COVID-19, yet there’s far more mask wearing, sanitizing of hands, temperature checks and hand sanitizer are at the entrance of every store and people absolutely use them. No Dr. Fauci equivalent going toe to toe with politicians, no protests or fist fights.

    The key to ending this thing isn’t the specific mask you wear or what government tells you to do or not do; it’s basic, decent, civilized behavior by the common person. If we all behaved like the Japanese people—not the government, not companies, but people—the pandemic would have been over months ago.

  7. I'm sorry but I still believe that here in America congress representatives and house representatives need to have a 2 term. 4 years and then if elected again another 4 years that's all just like the president. You give power to a single individual and let the Congress man or house rep more than 8 years what you get is this having most of them making laws for years and years some of them are there for 30 plus years no wonder they act like that .the people of united States need to elect them no more than 8 years this ways you will have a better system new people in Congress every 8 years will stop this none sense .for exemplary there are congress man that still remember bill Clinton or bush or even trump and because maybe they weren't happy with a president 18 years ago now they still hold the hole party responseble after 18 or even when Obama was here that shirt needs to stop maybe in 8 years will have a new president as well as new people in Congress and new people in the house and for the first time maybe this country will move forward there will be new people and this new law maker won't be leaving in the pass like this congress and house is right now . And I now for a fact that neither democrats or republicans won't bring this idea to the floor because they want to be in power for ever. Bad for this country..

  8. Omg the old men on a ventilator ,, I thought that if you was to get the vaccine youre risk of getting sick and hospitalized were zero.. because you will get sick but not end up in the hospital or die .. so basically if you don't get the booster you are consider to be not fully vaccinated so there for you can still die of covid being vaccinated and all ,, WHAT A JOKE .

  9. Seriously you guys just now figured out that it's less lethal in the other variants. The doctor from South America told us that the very first day. There was also studies done last month saying it was 80% less hospitalization and death

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