This is How Many Toddlers Went To ER For Toppling Furniture Accidents

A new report is outlining just how many toddlers are sent to the ER due to furniture toppling on them. Baby proofing a home is one of the biggest tasks a parent can take on, and that is because it is not easy and it is always evolving. More layers of protection need to be added as your child grows taller and gets more advanced in development. When infants start crawling, mom has to watch for what is on the floor, as the infant grows into a toddler, items have to be taken off shelves and furniture needs to be anchored.

Furniture needs to be anchored to the wall for toddlers because as they start to walk and explore, they are likely to try and climb something. If a large piece of furniture is not anchored, it can come toppling right on top of them, this could cause some serious harm and could even be fatal.

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According to US News and Flipboard, a new report has been released that shows just how many toddlers are sent to the ER with injuries sustained from toppling furniture and it sends an important reminder to parents everywhere.

This is something that is thought to be “rare,” but the report shows that hundreds of thousands of toddlers in the US have been seen in the ER for these types of incidents. Dr. Gary Smith was the senior author on the study and he stated that it only takes a second for a child to pull out a drawer in a cabinet and climb up, bringing the whole thing down on them. His team looked at the years between 1990 and 2019, and found that over 550,000 children younger than 18 years old were treated for “tip-over” injuries. In 2019 alone, there were 11,521 injuries, which equals one accident every single 46 minutes in the US.

When they broke down the ages, they found that 70% of the cases involved children under the age of 6, with most of them being 2 years old. They also found that almost half (47%) of the injuries involved the head and/or the neck. When it comes to furniture, TV was the most likely culprit, but that number has been declining since 2010, since a lot of families are choosing to mount them on the wall now, a smart choice to protect your child and your TV. The item that seems to be the most concerning right now are dressers and wardrobes, and researchers are saying that these items need to be anchored to the wall. These are highly preventable injuries and they urge parents to use this study as a reminder.

Sources: US News, Flipboard

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