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Things To Do On Your Anniversary

It’s the fourth anniversary of our wedding day! Here’s a list of things to do on your anniversary to spark some romantic ideas.

It’s our 4th wedding anniversary!

Apparently the 4th anniversary gift is fruit and flowers.

That’s about as exciting as when someone says “We’re having fruit salad for dessert!” Give me a big slice of wedding cake with all the buttercream, please. 

Gifts are actually not my love language, so we’re not planning to exchange any. Instead, we like to celebrate with experiences! A special dinner, maybe an overnight trip if we’re lucky.

I love to go back to The Clifton and have a nice dinner on the terrace where our reception was and talk about the memories from that day. 

the clifton wedding table with burlap and lanterns

Things To Do On Your Anniversary

While a dinner out is super nice, don’t make this dinner feel like every other. Make the whole day extra romantic by taking it up a notch with some creative activities! 

Break out a set of conversation starters

These cards are a good place to start. Or take the budget approach and each write down 5 ideas on index cards and draw them from a flower case. 

Plant a tree together

A birch tree would be a good choice for us! Then you can watch the tree grow (hopefully) through the years as your marriage does. Make all the “put down roots” jokes that you can and put on your wedding playlist! 

Write vows and say them to each other at dinner

Start by reading your original vows, and then make new ones that reflect the time that has passed, memories made, and present day (new house, pets, kids!). Read them to each other dramatically (even if one of you rolls their eyes!!).

kath and thomas wedding vows

Take a dance lesson

If you did this before your wedding, then recreate it with the same song, new dance! Or learn a new style of dance together. Salsa? Tango? Go all-out with a formal lesson or just have fun doing your first dance in your living room while watching your wedding video. 

Plan scavenger hunts for each other

Involve your kids and remember the details of your day. You can hide wedding day memorabilia (your invitation, veil, etc.) in your house to make it like a treasure hunt. If there aren’t kids around, make the scavenger hunt R-rated 😉 

Prepare lists of your favorite things about each other

Read your list at dinner and thank your partner for each one. I’ll start…. “I love it when I call to see if you can swing by the grocery store for staples and you have already been!” 

Cook your wedding menu (or bake your cake!)

From the passed apps to the main course to the cake, choose one (or a few!) dishes to recreate the night. We had a passion fruit and raspberry filling that I still dream about long after our frozen first anniversary cake was gone. Mini crab cakes, anyone!?

Go on a picnic

If dinnertime is hard (perhaps kids or work schedules complicate things) then prepare a picnic lunch and take to the grass. If you live near a vineyard, it makes a very romantic setting. This Picnic Charcuterie Board is easy to pack up and share. 

Staycation at a bed and breakfast in your area

If you don’t have the funds for a fancy trip or maybe you have small kids at home, find a way to escape for 24 hours and stay somewhere you’ve always wanted to try in your area. A night away renews a marriage like no other!

Happy 4 years Thomas…

Thanks for making these years so grand. From always being one step ahead of me to your “humble and kind” heart, I appreciate all that you do and all that we are!

kath and thomas walk out of wedding

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