These light fixtures are 3D printed and biodegradable

Walk into any lighting store and you’re likely to see a range of options, all of which are probably mass produced and sitting in inventory for purchase. This is not the scene at Gantri, a lighting company with bespoke designs, natural materials and fair pricing. 

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An obscure circular lamp stuck into a cylindrical base on a nightstand

Gantri supports a community of artisans by collaborating directly with the creators who design the light fixtures. The resulting lamps are produced on demand to avoid excess waste and resources required for inventory storage. 

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A circular lamp with a circular backing connected to it

The lighting options and made-to-order process aren’t the only unique aspects about Gantri. Its mission is to skip “the tradeoff between design and price, form and function, quality and sustainability,” according to their website. Instead, it works to offer it all. 

A small lamp-shaped lamp

Gantri floor, table and wall lights are all 3D printed. The company firmly believes digital design is the way of the future. Not only does it allow for creativity without endless prototypes, but the precision of design programs means nearly zero waste during the production process. With the on-demand model, no lamp is produced without a home in mind. Plus, 3D printing allows for the use of natural materials rather than plastics and toxins. Gantri’s collections are printed from plant-based materials and are 100% biodegradable.

A person leaning on a bed with a night lamp turned on

It’s a novel way to think about business. Rather than having an office full of in-house designers, setting up trade shows and moving through a cycle of production lines, Gantri lighting is unique and environmentally friendly. In addition to the process being efficient and low-waste, it’s a way to support both emerging and well-established designers.

This year, Gantri introduced this process by developing its Independent Creator Release (ICR) initiative, which debuted with an inaugural collection in July 2022. 

A glowing orb set on a desk

Gantri recently promoted its second Independent Creator Release, which is a collection of 20 new lights created by seven different international design studios. All products are available exclusively through the Gantri website. 

“Conceived as an alternative to trade shows that are inaccessible to the everyday consumer, Gantri’s ICR is a biannual showcase creating an opportunity for design-savvy consumers to discover a curated crop of designers on the rise and highlight emerging trends and new voices,” the company explained.

An egg-shaped golden lamp on a three-pronged stand

The ICR platform allows the company to promote each creator and provide a connection between customers and the designer. Individual portfolios for each artist share the inspiration and process behind each piece. 

The fall launches include the Baltra Collection by Kickie Chudikova, the Hula Collection by Felix Pöttinger, the Gallery Collection by Andrew Ferrier, the Noah Collection by Filippo Mambretti, the Pavone Collection by Viviana Degrandi, the Analog Collection by Chris Granneberg and the Focal Collection by PROWL Studio.

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