Even if you are not able to physically massage the scar (I, myself, was not able to physically touch my cesarean scar for close to a year because it just felt so weird and foreign), placing castor oil on the scar can help loosen the scar and the tissue beneath it. Placing some castor oil on a washcloth and dabbing it on to the scar can provide huge benefits! Once the castor oil is on the scar, place a towel on top of it and then a heat source to let the oil really sink into the tissue. 

Scars that benefit from castor oil:

  • Laparoscopic scars 

  • Epidural sites 

  • Cesarean scars

  • Mole removal

  • And many more!

When actually massaging the scar with castor oil, we recommend cross fiber friction where you place your fingers on the scar directly and move the tissue without moving your fingers in the opposite direction of the scar. While it can be beneficial to massage the scar sooner rather than later, it does not hurt to massage a scar with castor oil that is a few years old because there still could be some scar tissue hanging out that might benefit from the massage.

How to Make A Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil packs are a lovely addition to your self care routine. What is so lovely about doing these is that it is relatively easy. I tend to do castor oil packs when I am laying on couch relaxing before bed.

Supplies Needed for a Castor Oil Pack

  • Cold pressed and cold processed castor oil

  • Flannel pillow case 

  • Heat source (I prefer hot water bottles as the heat plus the weight feels good, but a heating pad also works well)

  • Towel (for cleaning hands and any drips)

Steps for Castor Oil Application 

  • Prepare your area by ensuring oil will not stain your furniture or clothing. Also having a towel to wipe any excess oil off at the end of the session is helpful 

  • Liberally rub oil in a clockwise direction on your stomach.

  • Place a flannel sheet on top that completely covers your stomach.

  • Top with a heating source, such as hot water bottle heater or heating pad. Test to ensure heat is not too high to harm your skin.

  • You then leave the pack on for about 25-60 minutes, or until the oil is completely absorbed into your skin. 

We hope this gave you some excitement to start using castor oil in your daily life! We love it and think it’s a great addition to your self care routine (and also to our fertility self care box coming soon!).


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