The Yamuna, India's most polluted river

Guardian India correspondent Michael Safi takes a journey along the Yamuna river.
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Stretching 855 miles (1,375km) across the north of the country, at its source in the Himalayas its water is crystal clear.

However, once it streams through New Delhi, it turns into one of the filthiest rivers in the world. Rapid urbanisation is partly to blame, but so is lax enforcement of laws against illegal dumping.

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By admin

46 thoughts on “The Yamuna, India's most polluted river”
  1. Why you always against india to promote west hypocrisy and colonial superior and west to show that what going on our country they promote racialism and even engage war with many countries ex Afghanistan, Syria

  2. I don't understand my fellow Indians
    Cow mata hai toh sadak pe kyu hai?
    Atithi devo bhava lkin tourist safe nhi hai
    Bharat mata hai aur bhot saare deviya b pr women safe nhi hai
    Nadi bhagwan hai pr clean nhi hai

  3. the symptom of weak government. us indians only love in religion but doesnt practice whats said in their own holy book. and the leaders love to create only violence and hatred, but i believe somehow our country is moving forward by inches

  4. I know price is a factor for drinking water, so this is a genuine question. Is mesh filtering and boiling the water not an option? I know its not clear of impurities finer than the mesh but it should be lean enough to get rid of most waterborne illness

  5. what a time to be alive, one big giant Toilet for public use and at the same time a trash can for everyone, at least build a barrier to cover you shittin everywhere, it is sickening how they are not ashamed to do that publicly

  6. I almost died laughing at 6:30 when he said people aren't able to walk properly and the footage shows the poor old man minding his own business walking like that.

  7. All I hear from these people is "Someone must be held accountable". Finger pointing everywhere without proper action.

  8. It is a tragedy. I don't see why the world leaders haven't taken more steps to stop the pollution of our earth. How much damage will this do after 100 years and with the population growing out of control

  9. why are we giving money to countries for weapons and the like? if we need to give money it should be to fix issues like this. we're all humans and if we're all happy, that means bliss

  10. You can almost smell the Hepatitis A. If only they cared about the water as much as their religion….So the town with dirty water because the government doesnt clean the one orange filter for the town cant just do it themselves? I mean, it cant be rocket science and theyve had 5 years, he said, to figure it out, its not even in a completely locked up area, just a small fence… I dont know, if a town needs clean water and see that there is a dirty filter system not working, maybe just try to do it yourself? I think we should all go do a ceremonial river bank poopoo time to make it better. Note to self, never take a barefoot river side stroll in India.

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