The ULTIMATE Oily Skin Routine | Doctorly Routines

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Join our Facebook group!
01:20 Why do we get oily skin?
02:44 What ingredients to look for?
04:41 Oily skin routine
05:07 Cleanse
07:07 Treat
10:06 Protect
11:30 Morning routine
14:10 Wrap up

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice. Content provided in this video is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a physician regarding any health-related diagnosis or treatment.


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By admin

34 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Oily Skin Routine | Doctorly Routines”
  1. are these tips also for oily AND dry skin? i'm asking cause often in skin and hair topics i saw that oily is named moisturised….. but moistuised by word means including water nit fat/oil 👀🤔😮

  2. Hi doctor. I have been using tretinoin 0.25% for the past 3 to 4 days .once I apply it my face becomes super oily and pimples pops out . should I stop using it

  3. Do you guys have a recommendation for a tinted spf moisturizer? My the end of the day my moisturizer is just sitting on top of my oil. Thank you!

  4. I used to have extremely oily skin until I hit my 40s and now my skin has calmed down a bit except the large pores and blackheads on my nose 😠

  5. oily skin dont need moisturizer thats what derma here saying, i dont have dehydrated skin but i have very oily skin so i think i dont need moisturizer right?

  6. Thanks for the info. btw I undergone combination treatment for my atrophic scars such as prp, biofillers, rfm, tca cross and subcision. Can I use the products that you mentioned because I also have oily skin and I'm only using vit c serum+sunscreen in the morning and night cream+tretinoin 0.1% at night. Please make video for this.🙏🙏🙏Thanks!

  7. I'm 38 & my skin is SUPER OILY. I'm oily not even an hour after washing my face. I've tried light, oil free moisturizers at night and by morning my face is so shiny and greesy feeling. Is it ok to skip the moisturizers altogether for super oily skin?

  8. This is exactly what I needed. I've had acne prone oily skin for 15 years. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've spent years and years researching, educating myself on products, testing, buying, acids, scrubs, masks, toners, serums, spot treatments, peels, you name it. I am so close to going to a dermatologist but I wanted to be able to say I've also tried doing nothing special. I paused my use of toners, serums, and treatments for about 2 weeks and only using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. My skin is doing terrible. Most oily I remember being. Large painful pimples like I haven't had in years. I'm just mentally exhausted, I use everything I can think of and it just keeps this crap at bay, my skin never gets any better, and then when I stop it comes back with a vengeance. I often had a voice in the back of my head saying "this is too much, you're being to harsh using all this on your skin" but I hope not to have that thought again after this current experience. I have this idea that if I hesitate to remove certain products from my skincare routine at the advice of a doctor, they will say "well it isn't working for you because your skin doesn't get better" but likewise, I will know that I am correct in wanting some of these oil controlling ingredients in my skincare going forward.
    If anyone made it to the end of this long comment I do have a question. How do I incorporate a retinoid into my routine if I also want to use salicylic acid in a cleanser? Or do I want to use that cleanser? Is a retinol going to do the same work and I can omit the salicylic acid?

  9. I have oily skin and this is my skin care
    The Ordinary- hyaluronic acid
    Cosrx- snail musin
    niacinamide bases moisturizer
    Finally Neutrogena sunscreen

    And after applying all these my skin looks oily what do I do?

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