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Here it is. My test results for mercury levels as per the fear mongering implemented on my channel.

Here is the test and there are the results I shared with you.

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  1. True news, from the source! Glad you are doing well, your adventurous eating seemed minimal and proves to be less than so… bravo! Love the energy, optimism, and honesty. Keep it up, go 2019!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love to hear about new products. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Hopefully I can do ALOT more saltwater fishing this year. Or just more fishing period. Lol. Tight lines!

  3. Don't mind the product plugs at all. In fact they'd be good when paired with underwater videos of the shads in action getting smashed. Would like to see more tips of how you're fishing for whichever species, wayyyy more important than where you're fishing I would say. Noticed you're putting more tips in the recent videos, it's def a welcome addition.

  4. Great video. You should have put a disclaimer on there though… striped bass will give you so much mercury poisoning It will turn your junk into lady parts so do your part and practice CPR when It comes to striped bass 🤔

  5. You'll probably be healthier now that you aren't eating fish out of Jamaica bay. I did some shoreline restoration on the beach at Floyd Bennett that all the kayak anglers use and the stuff we dug up on that beach would make you never wanna eat city fish again. Coal ash, asbestos, all kinds of old industrial waste…

  6. The only issue I see is that mercury is found in blood but it accumulates in tissues. An ncbi study showed that the mercury levels in brain tissue are about 2-5 times the amount found in the blood. So I am not too sure that your test debunks "fake news" about mercury poisoning. Also, blood testing is mainly indicative of recent mercury intake, and studies show that chronic exposure to mercury can lead to varying blood mercury levels. Not saying this test is misrepresenting your actual mercury levels, but it's possible that it is not this cut and dry.

    I can give the link to the studies if anyone wants to see, they're posted on the ncbi database.

  7. It's all type and where they come from. You're not consuming a pound of King Macks a week. You call it fear mongering when it fact its scientific sampling and ignorance coming together leading to incorrect information.

  8. Elias. In case you weren't aware, several studies show that fish that are high in selenium (ocean fish), are the best to eat, as the selenium binds to the mercury, inhibiting the body's absorption of it. Well known fact. As long as the selenium content is higher than the mercury content, you're golden. Soooooooooooooooo…………….eat it up man!!

  9. It’s funny most of the guys are warning you about mercury while their smashin Big Macs at the rainbow room without a second thought….cuz after all….they wash it down with a DIET coke…super sized please

  10. What is more toxic to our brain? Organic or inorganic mercury? I only took amalgam removal procedure, the result is "brain transformation". Hg gas directely literally pierced my brain. It is extremely sharply.deeply, painfully moving inside of my brain. This is ethyl mercury brain damage.

  11. Can’t you just overnight marinate the fish with lemon garlic and pepper then wash it real good with a pressure washing machine to remove mercury ??

  12. Nope! Here we have ppl who go out and intentionally dump large quantities of mercury into the ocean. Breaking thermometers and letting it go in inland streams. Everything is contaminated and you all need to STOP EATING FISH!!!

  13. Wrong. Blood tests don't relieve accurate heavy metal levels.

    A hair test and mineral test is more accurate. Please don't make light of mercury – because many people suffer from mercury toxicity, especially from silver amalgam fillings.

  14. Hg Mercury…. It is the communicator, and makes all communication possible , in the same way it communicate the sun's hear and influence thru the door system and retrogrades … That alone is amaZing.. it is the thing that gives the fluient and continue movement to all living things. It's used in your body, it's natrualy higher in fish but giant coal combustion only aids cuz they use a giant hg turbin moving cathode to exaust , arc, and create flow, and is absorbed when coal is activated . movement the hg is what presses the water vapor and helps tension giving atmospheric pressure and helps create the static , it falls to the earth in spread out amounts and then goes back up with the nitric vapors .. gets stuck in concrete and is the reason ocean water will drive you crazy if you drink to much

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