The Truth About Kefir Finally Explained

We all know about the benefits of yogurt and what a great gut cleaner it is. It’s also rich in proteins and nutrients, and some of them even benefit your digestive health. However, if you are a fan of yogurt and want to try something a little different, you should hop on the kefir bandwagon.

Originating from the mountains of the North Caucasus, this nutritious drink has spread all across Europe and is now making waves in North America.

It’s one of the most powerful probiotic drinks on the planet, but what makes it so nutritious? Here is the truth about kefir.

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Centuries of history | 0:00
How it’s made | 1:28
Probiotic powerhouse | 3:05
More nutritional benefits | 5:03
Lactose intolerant? No problem | 6:08
Good for pregnancy | 7:23
Bone health | 8:17
Help with allergies and asthma | 9:17
Make your own | 10:26
It’s versatile | 11:24

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