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The SECRET to Mastering Mental Toughness Is THIS

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Sustaining yourself mentally and physically through really tough challenges hurts because the discomfort of stretching yourself and pushing into the unknown is painful. The discipline of sticking through physical pain for example, has a reward that is more than physical. While pain often deters us and protects us from things that could harm us, it also is the secret to the mental rewards available on the other side of suffering endured. The cool thing about pain you can run from it and avoid it and remain the same, or you can tap into the pain and use it as one of your most powerful tools available to you that can lead to new levels of success you never knew were possible. Here are 4 ways to start tapping into the power of your pain, whether you’ve chosen the pain or the pain is involuntary. It can still be used to power-up.

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0:00 | Introduction to Pain
0:30 | Pain + Reflection
13:27 | Keep the Right Path
20:27 | Mental Health Efficiency
29:49 | Diet Changes the Mind


“Most people think that life is about avoiding the pain. I’m here to tell you right now in a very controlled fashion. It is about really experiencing the pain, learning from it.” Tom Bilyeu [0:31]

“The things that we tend to be passionate about, we don’t even realize we’re passionate about them because they seem so normal and obvious to us.” Mark Manson [8:29]

“One of the most powerful heuristics is to simply instead of thinking about what benefits I want, in my life, I try to think about what problems do I want in my life?” Mark Manson [17:53]

“People who find these rituals and habits that make them feel better, they become addicted to that, and they’re constructive. And they’re not pharmacologic” Dr. Rahul Jundial [23:05]

“Being able to reflect and observe the different voices inside of us is a great place to start your self-awareness. Because the biggest challenge is that most of us don’t know what we’re listening to.” Jay Shetty [28:44]

“Mind and diet will hold off dementia, and intermittent fasting might make you feel like you’ve had a cup of coffee, […] it’ll bring you to your most focus, to bring you to your most attentive.” Dr. Rahul Jundial [31:07]

“If you don’t do something that you actually respect, you’re not going to develop the self respect. Working out, lifting, it’s hard, It’s difficult but you have to sustain effort.” Tom Bilyeu [32:05]

“It’s just such a complex ecosystem, and rather than feeling intimidated by that, to me, I just see opportunities on how people can, you know, improve their lives” Dr. Rahul Jundial [35:28]

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33 thoughts on “The SECRET to Mastering Mental Toughness Is THIS

  1. The level of extraordinary differs depending on what the person thinks and perceives and the type of personality/ genetics they possess
    Most people live pay check too pay check, get into shitty relationships, watch the crappy idiot box and just get by, is this good? No because they are then easily controlled, but is it wrong no I am not in the authoritative position to judge them

  2. I draw everyday, and do dance and yoga and basketball and I’m always in pain, but Pain means I’m putting in effort, and I do get small rewards along the way 👟😊👏🏻 which I make sure I am consciously aware of

  3. For some reason every single story spoken has something that relates to my world, my life. Thank you for all the motivation and relentless effort of pushing happiness

  4. Ironically, I am constantly annoyed by a lot of your content. I know it's right. I "G" gnossis you work with truth that is undeniable. Argh. I know it'll hit me eventually. Thank you Tom for sharing your mindset, journey, and wisdom so consistently. A faithful life long learner and you hit many uncomfortable nerves. Take care and be Awesome my Friend!

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  8. Thank you so much for this video.So many times it is hard to connect with others success stories, but for some reason you have away of putting together content that simplifies the idea of how to become better and be successful in our own lives. So grateful for your videos.

  9. When Tom said, "many people think that life is about avoiding the pain, but I think life is about experiencing the pain!" Oh man, this really struck a chord for real. More power to you, Tom. Your videos have been of tremendous help and support in the most challenging times of my life. Can't be grateful enough 🙏
    A huge fan right here all the way from from Pakistan 🇵🇰

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