The Real Story of Medical Cannabis: Myths Debunked – Dr. Gill

CBD Supplements and Cannabis generally are those sorts of topics where there are MANY opinions and surprisingly little fact behind the media articles

I have many patients who use cannabis and over-the-counter CBD products and when I’ve been asked about it, I’ve been relatively dismissive and advised them to avoid these products

HOWEVER – I realised that my negative opinion towards CBD and cannabidiol as an approach to helping patients was based on ignorance, rather than knowledge.

To be very clear, I had a negative opinion of cannabis generally. I knew there was an association with psychosis, but relatively little else… and I realised that I was speaking as a doctor – from a place of medical authority – from a position that I couldn’t honestly say was based on science rather than opinion.

So I set out to change that. In this video, I look at the research present in the BMJ about the effects of cannabis products for patients and found some interesting results – both about benefits and harms. Let me be clear “IS CANNABIS SAFE?” is far from a black-and-white answer.

Hopefully, people will see I’ve approached this topic openly and honestly – these are my findings about cannabis and CBD products

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43 thoughts on “The Real Story of Medical Cannabis: Myths Debunked – Dr. Gill”
  1. Although this falls under rheumatology, what is your opinion on Turmeric/Curcumin/Boswelia Extract as a TNF-a blocker or general cytokine reducer. There are a few studies I've found below to support the use of as well. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been found to inhibit TNF-alpha in several studies, including one published in the Journal of Clinical Immunology (Shishodia et al., 2005). Another study, published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (Chandran and Goel, 2012), found that curcumin has potential as an inhibitor of IL-23. Another herb, Boswellia serrata, has been found to inhibit TNF-alpha in a study published in the International Journal of Rheumatology (Sengupta et al., 2011). Large amounts of research won't be done because it is not "profitable", but I feel it's just as promising. However, it is dismissed as snake oil like you mentioned about Cannabis.

  2. As someone who's smoked cannabis for a decade I would 100% agree smoking ANYTHING hurts your body but there are many extracts and "medicines" were getting on the back end of cannabis that do not require you to smoke it, such as oils and eatables and lotions and the such

  3. But a little bit of a caviat, CBD doesn't activate without THC so all CBD has THC in it but only enough to activate it and thus is why you'll see on a CBD bottle that it says something along the lines of 0.4% THC or something like that, and its so the CBD can be active in your body, not enough to get you high or anything so don't let that scare you away from CBD

  4. But you giving this topic the intellectual respect it deserves is absolutely amazing and regardless of if I agree with your position or not, just the fact that you are willing to discuss it with respect is what we need more of

  5. I drink a THC infused seltzer every night. Only 5%. I refuse to smoke pot. I don't want anything in my lungs. It has helped me tremendously with my sleep and "night anxiety." It doesn't impair me, just gives me a good night sleep.

  6. it would be fair for you to be more neutral when you facilitate so much prescription benzos and you should really tell people not to drink alcohol with the tablets but they all do and you know that

  7. How come nobody talks about anandamide the sanskrit word for bliss , Raphael Mechoulam discovered this but not doctor is educated in this , I feel all doctors that have a opinion on cannabis should look in to this first blessed be

  8. I highly recommend watching videos by Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience at the university of California Berkeley. He talks indepth regarding the effects of CBD/Cannabis and what affect it can impose on our habits and sleep patterns.

    Anything that interupts the natural evolutionary process of sleep and its stages e.g. rem & deep sleep, are highly suspect and need the utmost scientific expreimentations. I'm undecided on this issue as there are pros and cons to each side. Thank you Dr Gill

  9. I have ADHD and ASD, and CBD has absolutely changed my life, I can operate in the world without becoming over stimulated and having my mental health absolutely destroyed, I have lost weight, I have been more mentally stable, and I sleep much better at night. I was very skeptical at the beginning, but I was DESPERATE, I was going absolutely insane and I was willing to try anything, and I picked up bottle of CBD oil and followed a few suggestions I found on ASD forums, and man oh man, what a difference, wonderful stuff, love CBD. THC is not as pleasant to me, sadly.

  10. I appreciate your commitment to an impartial assessment of this popular drug. I would welcome further videos on CBD. For the record I have tried tried it for anxiety and sleep and found it moderately helpful. However I found my concentration suffered somewhat. Probably best to use at bedtime after the day's tasks are done. Also I found its costs fairly high for 40 mg a day and hence not very affordable. Getting good exercise is free and hence a better long term approach for me.

  11. I wish all YTers were honest and as transparent as you. You could have easily accepted that promo like most do without any real research on the product/service they are promoting.

  12. I came here to argue ALL your points but you are so unbelievably biased and uneducated I don't think it would matter. I hope you don't do any more "research" on this topic. Please go back to "happily prescribing" your brainwashed clients with opiates and benzos you quack

  13. The endocannabinoid is best described as a "master regulatory system" and it's found in every vertebrate on planet earth!
    Cannabis is medicine, but it's an imperfect medicine. We must stay humble, curious, and honest! Thanks for the review!

  14. According to the United Nations, 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana—more than 3.8% of the planet's population
    You are saying THC isn't safe, yet after alcohol and caffeine it is the most widely consumed substance on earth. THC is associated with exponenitally less harm than alcoohl of prescription medications.
    Characterizing CBD as safe and THC as dangerous is itself dangerous, especially as it is related to combining CBD with other prescription medications.

    All medications (and herbs) have pros and cons and this THC bad, CBD good dichotomy is not the whole story.

    Lastly, you need to cover other cannabinoids as well because cannabis is SO much more than THC and CBD

  15. A cautionary note for anyone with hypothyroidism- there are studies suggesting that CBD lowers your TSH levels and/or interacts with levothyroxine. It messed with my last test and my dose was reduced, I stopped using it and now I'm forced to be very tired until my next test

  16. Hey how you feel i yreat uou like a 5 year child cant even breath propper and slowly changeing color ? Would you like that doesnt matter if your a lawyer or law enforcement ? Well that is how it feels like trying to breath thruogh marijuana and cannabis without a gasmask boy or girl.. would you like to be that child and i be your parent chokeing you to death ? Would you like it ? I dont give a CARP IF YOUR OLDER THEN ME OLD MAN OR YOUNG MAN DAME WITH THE LADY'S OLD LADY AND YOUNG LADY ALL YOU ARE JUST A CHILD WAITING TO CHOKE YOU BAN THE MARIJUANA BULL CRAP I MAKE SURE YOU TIED TO A BUMPER OF A CAR TO THE END OF THAT EXHAUST PIPE WHILE ITS RUNNING .!

  17. 10:2811:16
    "Now, before i go any further down that line, i want to be very clear i've personally cared for many patients of whom smoking cannabis has been a terrible decision for them – and has left them, from a mental health perspective, with significant harms, many of those long-standing. 

    So, just because we've got a bit of knowledge about how cannabis might work on the body, doesn't mean it's going to magically change my mind, that, actually, all of these claims are true. 

    But, it does recognize that i need to open up to the idea that i really don't know as much as i thought that i did. 

    After all, there are many drugs, such as opiates, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline… which are incredibly useful medications. But, are, also, dangerous drugs of abuse."

  18. Thank you Dr Gil for identifying your prejudice and correcting it with facts. I am believed to have fibromyalgia after doctors have ruled everything else out. CBD combined with regular sleep, low sugar diet, and aerobic exercise has had the biggest effect in relieving my symptoms without causing the extreme side effects that gabapentin & other similar drugs caused. So your hypothesis of the endocannabinoid system being out of balance is a very good hypothesis! Hopefully there can be many more studies on not just CBD but on CBG, CBC, and the other cannabinoids in the plant.

  19. At medical and personal standpoints, inhaling drugs are the worst one can do to his own body, especially if the narcotics are atomized. From a personal view, the drug is as "healthy" as he***n and coc***e.

  20. Every drug, pharmaceutical or not has pros and cons. You just have to figure out if the pros outweigh the cons for you. Marijuana is no different.

  21. Thanks for making this topic so accessible to non medical people such as myself. It was a great primer that provides me with a framework to incorporate new infomation as it comes to hand. Cheers.

  22. My concern is always the method of some research. It is potentially dangerous for people go straight to the abstract, discussion, and conclusion of published journals without scrutinising the method. I see this a lot. It can be just as bad as taking the stoner's word for it on the street. Thanks for the objectiveness. Too often I hear the most vocal of cannabis supporters use superfluous language to sell it as an option with a lack quality response when quizzed on the science. I hear lip service. Alarm bells ring that there is a 'hidden' agenda. I have seen the medical system abused because people know how to. I am skeptical of self-report without randomised double-blind control trials. Reports of feeling good and rating your quality of life is not sufficient data. Too much bias and confounding variables at play. The evidence I have seen is mixed. It is unnecessarily a polarising topic. It should be data-driven. But, some of the most vocal lack the scientific qualifications to study such. It comes from a place of protecting the consumer: Not those who are established pot users by choice, but those who are vulnerable or have decisions made for them. I just have not seen enough to convince me it is a harmless and effective treatment.

  23. Don't smoke it. Don't go near it if you have any kind of psychosis. But lets not forget……

    No one has ever died from an overdose of Cannabis directly that we know of.

    Let that sink in.

  24. Im on medical THC, its not very strong compared to smoking it directly. I take it for sleep and I would tick the box it works. I awake much more refreshed than I used to, even with sleeping pills. Cant comment on any other benefits, I haven't found any

  25. Thank you for the information! Regarding THC as a dangerous drug – are the children with epilepsy who require 'whole plant' CBD which includes THC at risk? Is Sativex dangerous as it has THC?

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