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Friends. I’m writing to you tonight with news that I never thought I would be sharing.

Big news…….



After 11+ years, living in Manhattan, I am moving back to my hometown in Ohio.

But that’s not the best part…

Because it’s not just me that’s moving…

MY FIANCE is moving too!!

I’ve got some news…that frankly, I never thought I’d be sharing……….I’M MOVING BACK TO OHIO!!!!!!!!! #God is good!!!!! #Ohio #nyc #moving #nycexodus #home #prayer #news #family #catholic

That’s right!!!!


I hope you can hear me squealing and jumping up and down right now, literally doing a happy dance as I type this!!!

First of all: two things:

1) The timeline. If you’re doing the math in your head right now, then you may be realizing that it’s October…and we don’t get married until next JUNE. And yes, you are correct about that. SO – here’s how that one is gonna work. Steven will be living in our condo, and I will be living at home with my parents for 6 months until the wedding, starting this Christmas!

2) Secondly. I would like to just give a shout out to my incredible fiancé because this was all his idea. Though I had voiced my concern once several months ago on the prospect of raising a family one day in NYC, I had come to terms with the fact that we would be an “east coast family.” Though it was my absolute dream to live in Ohio, I knew that marriage consists of two people, sharing new dreams they have together. And compromise is the name of the game.

And so you can imagine my surprise when Steven came to me with this condo listing and said, “I think we should move here.”

It was an absolute whirlwind, truly. Because that was only about 4 weeks ago, in mid-September.

We first saw the listing online during the second week of September. Toured it a few days later when we went to visit Cincy on a trip that we already had planned for my brother’s birthday. Put in an offer, and had it accepted!

And so we’ll be moving over the holidays!!!

Can you believe it!?!? Because I surely can’t!

This is truly a dream come true. Though I have been a New York girlie for the last season of my life, it was never meant to be permanent. It was the place where I went to find myself. Where I could to rediscover who I was, what I’m passionate about, and regain my life after my eating disorder. And it served that purpose to the highest degree.

But it was never meant to be forever.

I’ll never forget when I was nannying. And my mom had her stroke, and so I was at my last day of work with this family, because I was going to be moving home to Cincy for a year to help my mom recover. And the woman and I were talking about my love life, and how I always pictured myself raising a family down the street from my parents.

And the woman looked at me, and said, “Good luck trying to get a New York man to want to move to Ohio.”

Well, I found him. Or rather, God found him for me.

I’ve got some news…that frankly, I never thought I’d be sharing……….I’M MOVING BACK TO OHIO!!!!!!!!! #God is good!!!!! #Ohio #nyc #moving #nycexodus #home #prayer #news #family #catholic
Anna May Photography

And though we’re not going to be living down the street from my parents (and my brother and his family, who ironically do live down the street from my parents)…we will be in the urban downtown of Cincinnati, which is only 15 minutes away, and is going to be great for my “city man” fiancé, to still have that urban pulse that he grew up with, and loves.

So ultimately, why did we decide to move?

The main reason: where we want to put down roots for our future family. We don’t want to raise children in a city where they’re going to be taught about “choosing their pronouns” in first grade. We don’t want to raise children in a godless place that is devoid of a Christian community, and lacking a community with a strong moral compass, period.

That was one reason.

And secondly, the cost of living in NYC in 2022 is absolutely ludicrous. We have friends who had a 56% increase in rent. Their rent went up to $7400 A MONTH. A MONTH!!! And if you’re wondering…they’re leaving too — they moved down south at the beginning of last week! Because New York is not the same, post-pandemic, and just not worth the high price tag anymore.

But friends, all of this is just surreal. I cannot believe it’s happening.

And the best part is that it’s truly going to be our “forever home.” It’s got room for a couple of kids, and a wing for Steven’s mom to live with us if she so chooses.

All of that, and it’s in the heart of the action, by fun restaurants and bars and nightlife, and of course…THE BENGALS!

God is just so good. I could feel His hand facilitating this the whole time, and so I trust that everything is going to work out and be okay. Thank you, Jesus!

So that’s my news!!! (And why I’ve been a bit sporadic here recently — who knew that buying a house would be so darn time consuming!)

Can you believe it?! What’s your best moving advice?? Let me know in the comments!

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