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The ONLY Way You Should Be Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls!

Learning how to Dumbbell Bicep Curl is important if you want to build muscular, boulder-like arms. The Dumbbell Bicep Curl is the staple exercise to include in your arm workout, and this video teaches you exactly how to gain boulder-like arms.

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(0:10) Posture
(0:25) Retract shoulders
(1:06) Maintain good posture
(1:18) shoulder Flexion
(1:45) Split stance
(2:30) Don’t move elbow
(2:45) Range of Motion
(3:25) Incomplete range of motion
(3:54) Maintain Tension in Bicep
(4:30) Variations
(7:00) Tempo

Videography by @elijahhelfman






46 thoughts on “The ONLY Way You Should Be Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls!

  1. My elbows click when doing bicep or reverse curls. I am now thinking, if I do the curls sitting with elbows resting on knee or thigh, I remove elbows from taking any weight and could possibly resolve the clicking issue… ?

  2. I get great pump and growth from my biceps but honestly I've NEVER felt anything in my biceps when doing any type of curl movements. The only reason I know that what I'm doing works is gains in size and strength.

  3. Thanks.. The common mistake u just showed there is the one I've been doing for months and I just realized that I've been doing it wrong. Should've search for this sooner.

  4. Does anyone know how many lifts I should go for on entry level? I got two dumbbells (4 kg each) as a gift and I've never done any lifting before.

  5. I have a problem. The part where the arm creases was injured a few years ago and never heals so it's hard to do these. i'm trying to just use my bicep to lift but i still end up using that part where it bends. is there a way to ensure just the bicep is being used?

  6. I am visually impaired can someone tell me how far he brings his arms up doing the curl? Is he bringing his arms up to 90° straight out or higher than that? If someone could tell me I would really appreciate it thank you

  7. Ok so I’ve been having this problem where it only attacks the inner part of my elbow and never seems to hit my biceps also does more weight and less reps benefit more then less weight and more reps ?

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