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The Only Safe Home Cleaning Product To Use While Pregnant

What you breathe into your body when you’re pregnant can get into your blood stream and transferred to your baby. Any chemical smells or pollution in the air has an affect.

The Only Safe Home Cleaning Product To Use While Pregnant

It’s frustrating, and you cannot control everything. But one thing that will make a big difference is to change what you clean your home with. The benefit is two-fold:

  • you won’t be breathing in noxious fumes
  • your baby won’t be in arms reach of chemical products once they’re able to move around themselves

I’m thinking since you’re already on a natural birthing site, you’re already leaning toward using natural products in your home on a regular basis. That’s awesome!

No, I’m not going to try and convince you to purchase some fancy expensive brand today, even though there are some great natural brands out there. I’m just going to share what I’ve done.

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Replace All Your Cleaning Products With This Simple Mix

I threw away everything chemical. The glass cleaner with ammonia, the laundry detergent that I don’t even know what is in it, the clorox killer bleach, the toilet scrubbing bubbles, and even the lemon dusting spray.

I replaced them all with ONE single cleaner–vinegar. Yes, plain old white distilled vinegar. Here’s how to prepare it:

  1. Get an empty plastic spray bottle from the dollar store.
  2. Write “Vinegar Cleaner” on the bottle with a sharpie.
  3. Draw a level line up from the bottom that is approximately 10% of the volume.
  4. Fill to the 10% line with pure vinegar.
  5. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water.

That’s it! You can add a few drops of different things to help the smell a little better if you like. A few things I recommend are:

  • your favorite essential oil
  • lemon juice
  • natural body spray that needs to be used up

You can use this cleaner on just about everything. I use it on counters, mirrors, windows, toilets, floors, stove tops, inside my fridge and microwave.

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If you’ve added other scented things in your mix, watch out for streaks. It may not be the best for your mirrors and windows in this case. But overall, it’s a great all-purpose cleaner that isn’t risky.

Smelling vinegar isn’t harmful to yourself or your baby. And if your baby happens to spill it down the road, the only thing they’ll get is a sour expression if it happens to be tasted.

Have You Ever Cleaned With Vinegar?

The Only Safe Home Cleaning Product To Use While Pregnant

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