The Most (& Least) Compatible Signs

Typically when thinking about moon sign compatibility, the twins note, it’s helpful to think about the elements. Fire moons will get along well with other fire moons, and even air moons, but earth and water can put fire out.

As for air moons, “They’re always on the go, so an earth moon will ground you,” the twins say. “If you’re ready for that, then great—but if you’re not, then you’re gonna feel stifled.”

Earth moons will get along well with other earth moons and water moons, but again, fire and air may not mix well. And for water moons, you guessed it: They like other water moons and earth moons, but air and fire moons might clash.

Even if your moon signs aren’t typically thought of as compatible, the twins do note that, of course, a healthy relationship is still possible. “You’re just going to have to recognize you may have some differences,” they say, adding the balance can actually be beneficial. “You may provide something for the other one that they don’t have.”

Here’s a deeper dive into moon sign compatibility, sign by sign.

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