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the miracle of you – poem by Gabriela Marie Milton – Short Prose

The Fisherman and the Syren (1856–1858), Frederic Leighton.

the miracle of you

the moon’s right-hand
pours soul into my flesh
pigeons’ wings bring scents of lilac blooms
the air gets drunk with poetry
statuary women of the water
flaunt their hair

within the loneliness of you
my heart
rotates five equinoxes on a wooden spindle
your eyes pour flesh into my soul
my body germinates the sounds of growing leaves
I wash my hands into the waters of Guadalquivir
in the scented night of those who never sleep
I say
I love you
and in one single breath
our wedding is transformed
in an enraptured death

was it the moon?
was it the morning dew?
perhaps it was the miracle of you

Poem included in my book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, Amazon available here.


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