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The mini-pill & my mental health | UPDATE | Lex Croucher

I tried the mini-pill and it, er … didn’t go well?

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39 thoughts on “The mini-pill & my mental health | UPDATE | Lex Croucher

  1. I feel like doctors don't fully know or understand contraception pills properly (I'm not meaning that as a harsh criticism either, a doctor cannot know everything about every single area of medicine). I have been told so many different and contradictory things about the mini pill by different doctors and nurses that it is really hard to know what to do. Mental health wise, Feanolla sent me into a like 6 month long depression, throughout which I was on a constant period (more than spotting but not unbearably heavy), and my mood swings were ridiculous. Then I switched Cerazette and my mood instantly lifted, like within a few days. I still don't feel myself on Cerazette, I'll have really down weeks that I didn't have before going on the mini pill. My periods aren't constant now either, just very irregular. I do find it hard to believe that the only difference between feanolla and cerazette is the name tbh, the difference in myself was too much

  2. If it helps, it sounds like you had the exact same experience I did when I went on the combined pill for the first time. I took it for two months and had the most horrendous anxiety during that time. It was all consuming and I could barely function day to day. After I came off it I was instantly much better, but it still took about three months until I got completely back to normal. And yeah, that is completely different to how I've experienced anxiety before or since. So just give it time, and you'll be alright <3

  3. oh i got the implant and bled a little bit, every day, for like a year. have the coil now worst pain in the worst but localised hormones and stop my periods please

  4. When I was in my teens and 20s I was on different versions of the pill a few times (it's a long time ago, so I can't remember which ones). Each time I had a downswing in mood, that could potentially have been related to life stressors. And there have been other times, thankfully not recently, but there definitely have been, when I've been down like that when I wasn't on the pill. So it could be coincidental but my instinct is that it wasn't. The first time especially, I was suddenly really tearful out of the blue, and had my first real bought of depression. I was 17, I didn't have a clue it could be related to the pill (which I went on so that period pains wouldn't interrupt my exams….). When I told a family planning nurse this a couple of years later, she told me the two couldn't have been related. She put me on another pill, and the second time, it is harder to be sure of the connection, but I was depressed again. Years later, I read online that that particular pill was especially associated with some women getting depressed. I didn't go on it again after that (thankfully I wasn't having issues with my period that were as bad as yours). I'm thankful that medical professionals these days at least acknowledge that there can be a link between the pill and mood/depression.

    (When my Mum went to a doctor for family planning help in the early 70's as a married undergraduate, the doctor asked her "do you NOT want children!?" with much horrified judgement. (She just wanted to finish University and for them to start earning before they had kids!) So I guess each generation is moving things forward a little.

    It sucks all that you are going through! I hope the mefenamic acid helps. I remember taking it for a while and I think it helped? It's weird that I can't remember! I can't remember why I stopped taking it now either…. (old brain!).

  5. No, really. Thank you for sharing this. More should talk about this and make it a huge mystery about word of mouth but as a defacto of community support and ratings.

  6. I wouldn't underestimate the link to your hormones and your mental health, seriously trust the link between them 🙁 3 types of the combined pill affected my mental health negatively in different ways, but for me, since going on the mini pill last year, I have been mentally stable for the first time in SO long. And the change was immediate. So mad how hormones can affect your mood and body incredibly strongly.

  7. I love these videos! I'm a married woman who has been on the pill for about 10 years. I'm to the point now where my uterine wall is so thin I hardly have a period or have no period. My gyno said I was fine and definitely not pregnant but I still keep pregnancy tests in my medicine cabinet now!!

  8. not to freak you out at all, but have you looked into endometriosis at all? your experience sounds very similar to mine, lots of pain and blood, misery, hands in the air

    I hope it isn't, but I REALLY hope you find some relief!!

  9. Switching pills helped me a lot! My GP said it can be caused by filler ingredients as well as active ingredients. For me, even switching brands of the same (watson, and junel are theoretically interchangable at the pharmacy) have caused my periods to be more painful. My doctor now has to write no substitutions on my script, because even the "same" pill had changes with my pain levels.

  10. Just seen ur channel. I’ve been put on the cerazette mini pill after noriday mini pill was making me have 2-3 periods every month. I’ve just finished a 2/3week of a period and now I’m having mood swings that are so drastic I’m getting whiplash haha. I’m coming off it in 4 weeks. I had a mini pill after my daughter and it took three tries to find the right one and it worked so great. I also keep a stock of pregnancy test just cause my fiancé and I are on the same page about the fact we don’t want anymore kids. We have two that’s enough haha.

  11. The contraception I have is the coil and I love it because it took away my periods and I haven't had any super bad side effects from it. However because I am paranoid about pregnancy, I take a monthly test just to make sure all is good. So I do recommend anyone whose contraception has taken away their period to take regular tests just to make sure haha.

  12. I love talking about birth control and periods to everyone all the time. I’ve taken the combined pill but my body is crazy fertile and I was worried it wasn’t enough. I tried nexaplanon (the implant) but I had constant two-three week periods. Now I have Mirena and my periods are basically gone but I still get cramps. I wish I could just tell my body hey I don’t want a baby right now

  13. Do they have IUDs in the UK? It's a intrauterine device. I've had 3 over the years (between having my babies) but have loved it each time. It lasts up to 6 years and can stop your periods.

  14. Yeah I really struggled the first few months on the mini pill. I've been on it for over 2 years now and I'm really happy.
    I also went to see my GP about it, but she explain that it does take some time and to try and stick with it a little longer. It was really tough, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

  15. A couple of things: 1) thank you so much for your continued openness about mental health and periods and whatnot, it’s super important and appreciated. 2) good grief do you look gorgeous in this video. Your skin and makeup and hair and shirt are all working REAL GOOD. thanks.

  16. I got the Mirena(Mirina?) iud and it's amazing. The implantation is unpleasant to say the least, but worth it. The great thing about the iud is that dose of hormones is much less and it stays local to your reproductive system. My mental health was severely affected every time I had a period, on or off the pill. But with the iud I don't have periods anymore. I have a friend whose periods were so bad that she became severely anemic. Her doctor prescribed the Mirena iud and she is now completely recovered. Basically, Mirena is the shit. And on top of all that it prevents pregnancy, too.

  17. Would recommend lo estrin 20 – it's a combined pill. I used to get really horrible periods but this pill made my periods really light. A lot of my friends take it as well as we all asked our doctors for this specific brand 🙂

  18. I spent 6 months on fenolla (cerazette) for 4 months, I was constantly on my period since day one and became incredibly depressed and anxious. For someone who has never been depressed or suffered from my mental health deteriorating before, I was certain it was the mix of hormones I was on. So relieved I came off it, but also sad because so many people benefit from this with no side effects.

  19. You had such a similar experience to me, got put on the arm implant which releases like the minipill a Progestin Only hormone. Got so depressed and even suicidal, had never experienced anything like that before, it was so difficult to remove it too as doctors believe I should keep it for 3 months, cried when I finally got it removed and went back to normal. Now got put on the minipill and have a lot of acne like I never had before, thinking of going back on the combined. It's a constant struggle!

  20. I've been on Errin now for 6 days. I have a head ache EVERY day. For the first 4 days, I was exhausted EXHAUSTED. Always sleepy. Slept for 6 hours or >, twice a day, for the first 3 days. Still was tired after resting. Little things made me cry for the first 3 days.Typically, I don't cry easily. Felt like I had a thick, brain fog for the first 3 days. It wasn't until this Thursday that my brain fog & bone-tired exhaustion was relieved. However, the throbbing headache persists. I always feel a little disoriented, either it feels like I'm adjusting to a new prescription eye glass or a little dizzy/slightly blurred vision, like I've been spun around too fast in a circle. That lopsided, haziness feeling is the worst & it comes & goes. I'm hoping to be adjusted hormone-wise in the next week or two, but I know it can take 2 to 3 months really. I've made up my mind to stick this through till my period is due. My upcoming menstrual cycle will determine if I stay on this pill or forego it. Had to switch from combination to this, but my periods are painful, & if this doesn't help, then better to be off it all completely than to be on it. Fingers crossed that my body adjusts sooner & comes to love this pill.

  21. I ABSOLUTELY love the fact that I’m not the only one who struggles with this. I have severe depression and birth control is such a hard thing for me. I literally stock up on pregnancy tests as a way to ease my mind lol

  22. Low hormone Combo Made me anxious and depressed, tried copper IUD and it was awful. Day 5 of Errin mini-pill and it’s back to crying and feeling depressed. Can’t win.

  23. i've had blood clot with combined pill when I was 20 and never smoke, never drink, was super healthy with no disease etc., should I be worried about progestin only pill maybe be causing blood clots if im in late 20s now?

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