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The Legendary Battle – GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) vs. OG Kush

GSC vs. OG Kush

girl scout cookies vs. OG Kush

Comparing a parent strain with its offspring can seem excessive. However, in this case, it appears not to be. The strains about to be compared are making waves in different locations around the world.

GSC, aka Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular offspring of OG Kush. While OG Kush is the legendary landrace strain. I hope you can also see that both strains can hold their own against each other in this battle.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this epic clash.

At the end of each round, 1 will be crowned the champion between this two sensational strains of cannabis.

Note: This comparison is between the original strains of GSC and OG Kush.


It is a short plant with light green leaves that yield a dense bud with little crystals. Thanks to the kush family characteristics, it is an all-around strain that adapts well to different environmental constraints like pests and blight.

Cultivation of GSC is stress-free, especially when it has enough space to spread out its branches. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. When cultivated indoors, it flowers in less than three months. When it is cultivated outdoors, it flowers in Mid June.

However, compared to other strains it produces a lower quantity of harvest— 10ounces per plant stand or Square meter.

OG Kush

It is a popular plant among cannabis breeders because it produces a very high harvest during its flowering period.

However, it is a vulnerable plant. If it is not closely monitored during its cycle of growth, it might not make it. Especially the farm area is awash with pests and diseases. In two months, the OG Kush is ready to be harvested and sometimes produces over 16ounces per plant stand or 17ounces per square meter


Champion: OG KUSH

Reason: It produces a relatively higher amount of harvest, which equals more profit for the farmer.


Fragrance-wise, it has an appealing scent that draws a user in— even more so, when the bud is opened up, the aroma becomes more intense. Users are drawn to its earthy, sweet, and spicy aroma. It also has a faint whiff of minty chocolates. Amazing!


Taste-wise, it has a distinct candy flavor with a tiny tinge of spicy peppers and nutmeg. At times, you can catch the citrus flavor, at other times you can only taste its earthiness.

It has many times been stated that GSC has a very similar flavor and aroma to OG Kush’s.


OG Kush

Fragrance-wise, it has a complex mixture of terpenes that gives off a combo of different scents. Its scent blends the earthy and piney distinct notes with a spicy and skunk-like scent. After it has been dried and cured, the users can smell its musty and earthy scent in the buds.

Taste-wise, it has a unique combined taste of earthy and piney flavors. A sweet and candy-like taste can also be picked out. When it is being used, it produces a cough-inducing smoke that has a hash and spicy flavor.


Champion: GSC

Reason: It has a sweeter flavor and aroma that feels like dessert.


In the United States, cannabis legalized states have official rates. The nationally accepted rate for a gram of GSC is $13. However, in some states, it could be as high as $20 per gram or $450 per ounce, while in some states it could go for as low as $9 for a gram or $171 for an ounce.


OG Kush

Unlike before when the OG Kush was very expensive, times have changed. You can obtain a gram for as low as $13. Though the price may vary depending on the state. The average price is around $235 for an ounce of the original OG Kush.

Champion: OG Kush

Reason: Everyone wants quality weed for lower rates. That is what OG kush offers with its significantly cheaper prices in most states.



It has won different awards in the cannabis scene. It is an Indica-dominant strain with over 28% THC content.

Like most Indica dominant varieties, it has a sedative feel to it that might leave you fixed to your couch.


OG Kush

In comparison, it is also an award-winning legendary strain with as high as 27% THC content. Users often report a euphoric and happy feeling after consuming it.


Champion: Draw

Reason: The difference between both strains is not substantial. They are both highly potent with just a 1% difference in their THC levels.



Little side-effects are induced by GSC. Some of which include dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. However, these effects are only noticed when a high amount of GSC is consumed. And it is commendable to state that GSC doesn’t cause headaches.

OG Kush

Compared to GSC, OG Kush users have reported several after-effects after consuming this extremely potent strain. Some of these side effects include; Cottonmouth, dry eyes, increased anxiety, and paranoia. Several users have reported having headaches and dizzy episodes after overindulging in them.


Champion: GSC

Reason: GSC has lesser after-effects when compared with OG kush. So it is a clear winner in this situation.



GSC and OG Kush have similar uses for medical-related purposes. GSC is very effective for chronic pains like headaches. It also provides quick relief from symptoms of mental disorders and anxiety issues. However, health practitioners recommend that it should be used in little quantities at a time.

OG Kush

Like GSC, OG Kush is used for alleviating the symptoms of different types of ailments. It is highly favored for its euphoric and uplifting effects.

When users overindulge in this strain, they experience anxiety symptoms. Whereas, when it is used in moderation, it has a lot of relief properties to offer. It also has properties that help in the temporary relief of pains from painful disease conditions.

Champion: Draw

Reason: They both offer similar medicinal benefits.


The Epic Clash Between GSC and OG Kush. Both strains have proved that they have all it takes to stand head to head with each other. There’s really no big champion in this clash. Both are Legends in their own way.








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