Getting your finances under control is another important aspect of stress management and raising your child well. Could your income use a boost? Your own sideline might be the answer! Think about turning a hobby into a moneymaker, or picking up a new skill you would enjoy learning. Working on cars, making woodcrafts, raising honey bees, doing taxes — just about anything works as a side gig these days. And who knows, if it really takes off, you might be able to quit your day job! Just make sure you start out properly.

The most critical step is to legally register your new venture, which sounds hard, but it’s simple and affordable through an online service. When it comes to different business structures, consider the benefits of registering an LLC in NC, which include protection of your personal assets and ownership flexibility.

Once that is complete, create a business plan to help you define your goals, and consider building a website through a website builder. That way, future customers know where to find you.

Single fatherhood is a crucial job, but it’s not simple. The resources are out there, but the first step is to be willing to accept that you will occasionally need help or will need to step back. The importance of your mental and physical health are necessary for such a demanding job.

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