From crawling to potty training, exciting milestones can sometimes impact your baby’s sleep schedule. Luckily, we’ve got some tools that can ensure that you have the energy to appreciate every little win!

When it feels like everything impacts your little one’s sleep, it can be hard to nail down exactly what’s upsetting their rest. That’s why we’re breaking down the growth milestones that most commonly affect infant sleep cycles and how to work with your baby’s natural rhythm to help them get sweeter sleep. 


Sitting Up, Crawling, Standing

(6 months to 10 months)

Mobility milestones in infants are exciting for your little one and you! The path to full mobility can inspire new curiosity and independence in your baby, and that’s something to celebrate. But these 6 to 10-month milestones can disrupt sleep for your baby too. One great tip to help make sure your baby’s ready to rest at bedtime is to practice these new skills with them all day long. Structured practice and playtime while they’re awake will prevent them from practicing in their crib at all hours.


Teething (6 months to 24 months)

As your baby begins this big step toward big kid teeth, the gum irritation that comes along with infant teething can disrupt your normal schedule – especially sleep! As with adults, the pain seems to be felt more acutely at night due to exhaustion or simply fewer distractions. Which can end up causing serious interruptions to everyone’s sleep, but instead of tossing and turning try these tips approved by Nested Bean contributing expert and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Katelyn Thompson, to aid in longer bursts of sleep:

  • Don’t wait till bedtime to soothe teething discomfort. Address the pain during the day.
  • Offer chilled (not frozen) non-toxic teething rings or frozen food, like carrots and bananas.
  • Apply a little pressure by messaging your baby’s gums with your finger.


Pro-Tip: The Importance of Routine

When babies have a dependable routine, it improves sleep and supports overall development in young children. Your baby’s milestones will be coming in waves for years to come, so establishing a sustainable sleep routine will foster sweet sleep throughout all their growth spurts and exciting developments. Maintain a routine that includes: a warm bath, a massage, a feeding, and soothing, gently weighted Zen Sleepwear™.

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