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The goal of breastfeeding – LA Lactation, LLC

The goal is not to put gas in a tank to see how far it can go between top ups. It’s to teach a tiny human to listen to their body and it’s needs from an early age to help them grow and develop.

This is FEEDING. How you feed is different than how I feed. How your family feeds is unique and not how my family feeds. From what we eat, to how often we eat, to when we eat it’s such an individual process!! Some adults are grazers. They like to snack on small meals all day. They sip water throughout the day and always have a water bottle handy. Some babies are like this, too. Some adults are bingers. They eat really big meals less often. They only drink water in big glasses around meal times. Some babies are like this, too. And there’s everything in between. The goal is not to reach some magic number of ounces in a limited number of feedings because an internet blog said baby needed x number or ounces in 4 feedings a day. That can cause undo stress. The goal is to learn your unique baby’s feeding habits and help them foster those habits within your family context as they grow and develop into a bigger and bigger human.

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