One of our favorite birth details is the umbilical cord. Each cord is as different as the baby they nourish. Cords vary in length, size, color, thickness, and some cords are quite curly while others are relatively straight.

The umbilical cord has three primary functions: to carry oxygen between the baby and placenta, to deliver nutrients to baby, and to remove carbon dioxide-rich blood from baby and bring it to the placenta. 

Cords usually contain two arteries and one vein, but not all umbilical cords are the same. As you will see in the photos below, there are many variations of normal – and they’re all incredible.

This amazing lifeline between the baby and placenta does so much to nourish and grow our babies, and we think they are absolutely beautiful too!

These images were chosen from our Birth Becomes You Facebook community for birth photographers. Each week we have a photo “theme,” and photographers are encouraged to share images that resonate for them. This week’s theme is #cord. Enjoy!


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