On this episode of Let’s be Blunt Montel talks with Dr. Rebecca Siegel, the author of the newly published book, The Brain on Cannabis: What You Should Know about Recreational and Medical Marijuana. Dr. Siegel is a clinical psychiatrist specializing in adult, child and adolescent psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Her practice includes the evaluation and treatment of depression, mood disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, Aspergers and autism spectrum disorder and she is a licensed prescriber of medical cannabis in New York State. Her book includes tips on how to effectively talk to young people about recreational cannabis as well as addressing common myths surrounding cannabis.
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  1. I am loving this so educational. I am in a cannabis certification course currently. It is in my nursing program . I am working towards my NP. One of the things I notice is how much worry there is around some of the potential side effects of cannabis. While I agree that it is important to understand the potential side effects as you would with any medication, it is hard not to recognize all the medications that are used particularly in the psychiatric arena , that literally suck the life essence out of people. I do not see the years of caution and deliberation over these medications. The protocol is to just throw another medication on board.

    The risk profile for cannabis is so incredibly low. Every person I hear speak on it , every presentation , every research article that comes out of the medical world is full of caveats and warnings. They read something like this…

    Yes there is all this potential and anecdotally … The evidence is robust BUT … Xyz to be fearful of.

    But if your too scared … We can give you Xanax … Valium … Pick your poison…. But this plant right here … Caution

    We all know why this is happening. It has nothing to do with risk profiles. It has to do with the use of this medicine is going to reduce the need for some of the big money makers.

  2. In the psychedelic / ketamine arena there is the " guide " that is educated and vetted to sit with the person as they experience the psychoactive component. I think this would be a good approach with cannabis naive users the first or for several times.

    This can be a time of observation and reporting as well as education for the new patient.

  3. I do have some ideas around how the dispensary bud tenders and myriad experts within in the field of cannabis become part of an interdisciplinary team that works with the licensed person , who by many accounts has a greater restraint on what they can council a patient who would like to explore cannabis. However the unlicensed person's do not have those restrictions around a " license". Educate the patient … Work collaboratively with the dispensary unlicensed person's.

    So the medical person who has to worry about infringement on licensure , as well as AMA and pharmaceutical backlash can work within those constraints and scope.

    Essentially stay away from
    " prescribing ". Educate so robustly that the patient becomes an expert in their own healthcare.

    Actually this could work in all healthcare.

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