The Big, Messy Democracy and Freedom of Speech

FreedomTell us you don’t ADORE Katie Wright?  We will never shy away from shouting our truth. We have readers from across the political “spectrum” (Mama mia….) and as we head into 2024, we will not shy away from speaking OUR KIDS TRUTH.  Big, messy and loud.

By Katie Wright

Ask ten Americans to use one word to describe what they like about the United States. I bet nine out of ten say, “freedom.” We place enormous value on the freedom to say what we want to say. The right to free expression is the FIRST amendment of the Constitution for a reason.  Americans detest the idea that the government would censor our opinions and ideas.

America is a big, messy democracy. Americans must accept that others can and will disagree with them. The government must accept that citizens will criticize politicians and policies and the government cannot silence people in return.

We learned in the Twitter hearing that the FBI illegally worked hand in hand with Twitter to censor ideas and opinions the Biden White House did not like, based on political ideology, cronyism and spurious scientific claims. It is a crime for the government to act in this way. The FBI will say that the vast censorship operation was necessary “to protect national security!” Please, it seems like 99% of censored tweets were about a person’s adverse vaccines reaction, anger about vaccine mandates or menstrual problems! Absolutely, almost NO “national security” issues at stake.

Congress recently held a hearing on illegal and politically motivated censorship at twitter. The four twitter censors in chief were subpoenaed and each read opening statements. I wonder if a bigger bunch of sanctimonious, self pitying whiners have testified before Congress before? I doubt it.

Annika Navoroli was Twitter’s attorney for Trust and Safety. Wow was she insufferable! Navoroli droned on about how twitter was drowning in a deluge of hate speech. Virtually anything Twitter censors disagreed with was labelled “hate speech.” Opinions like “I think Fauci is a liar!” would have been labelled “misinformation” or “hate speech,” for example. Along with “hate speech” violence was consuming twitter whole! Navoroli was “asked to do the impossible!” including “preventing World War 3!!” The men and women on the front line in Ukraine did not have it as tough as Ms. Navoroli! Then about ten more predictable comments about “dog whistles” and “blood on our hands!” Oh the drama! Annika!!!! The woman who saved America by shadow banning Dr. Jay Bhattacharya!!

As a statement of fact, no one on the Congressional panel said violent threats should be permitted on twitter! No one said actual hate speech (NOT opinions) should be allowed. That was not why Ms. Navoroli was fired and not why she was supe before Congress and she knows it.

Ms. Navoroli and her peers censored harmless tweets from politicians, stay at home moms and nobodies like me with 7k followers!! Twitter censors, working in concert with the FBI, were OUT OF CONTROL .Team Navoroli labelled people’s discussions of their  adverse vaccine reaction as “misinformation,” likely to get people suspended. Navoroli deplatormed eminent liberal scholar Naomi Wolf for saying the covid vaccine was screwing up women’s menstrual cycles. Crazy yet true!

Wolf tweeted about the widespread post covid vaccine menstrual problems and her statement has been widely accepted as fact. Twitter/ FBI  deplatormed former NYT science writer, Alex Berenson, for saying that it did not look like the covid vaccine had lasting immunity. Obviously, that is another fact! These petty and capricious decisions by the FBI and Twitter are an insult to our democracy.

And what the heck is the FBI doing assigning EIGHTY agents to twitter to monitor our free speech? Eighty agents!!? Merrick Garland is a disgrace and should be fired. There are over 300,000 unsolved child murders, over a dozen extremely dangerous serial killers (Long Island serial killer about an hour east of me, for one) who have never been caught. 200,000 women and children are smuggled into the USA every year and trafficked as sex slaves. Hey FBI, try focusing on these actually important issues! Is it really a good use of the FBI’s time to suspend my account for saying I am allergic to covid vaccine ingredients? Are you kidding me?

 The FBI was breaking the law and wasting taxpayer dollars on this nonsense. Censoring unimportant political and medical minutiae??? So many people at the FBI should be fired for these actions.

My hero, Congresswoman Nancy Mace eviscerated the Twitter censors. She spoke bravely about her severe adverse reaction to the covid vaccine and how she subsequently developed asthma and heart problems. Mace was irate that Twitter censored people who shared their similar vaccine reactions as well as highly respected doctors who questioned the vaccine’s safety profile. Once again Twitter worked with the White House and the CDC deciding to censor nearly all criticism of the covid vaccine. Why this absurd fealty to the CDC?? Anyone who has been alive the past three years can plainly see they are not smart people worthy of blind trust! The CDC has been wrong about covid, more often than right! But, incredibly, Twitter still remains the CDC’s puppet!

The Biden administration owes every American an apology for their illegal, obsessive and unrelenting ham handed actions in  censoring citizens. What the Biden White House did is a crime.

Elon Musk, twitter’s current owner, made Twitter records public. In these records it becomes clear that Twitter is basically a subsidiary of the FBI. Incredulously, Vijaya Gadi, one of the four twitter censors, said, “Twiitter censorship is designed to protect people!” Riiiiiiight, “protect” people from thinking for themselves and instead, do and believe what the government wants? I think I speak for most Americans when I say, “no thanks” I don’t wanted to be “protected” like that.

Congresswomen Majorie Taylor Green noted that her account was banned after she spoke out against vaccine mandates, specifically covid mandates for the military. Yet twitter allowed 126,000 members of the Taliban to tweet away! Apparently, talking about mandates a “threat to national security” but endorsement of the enslavement women, no big deal.

Congresswoman Lauran Boebert spoke about how she was banned from Twitter for making a Hillary Clinton joke. Meanwhile one of Twitter’s chief censors referred to Republicans as “Nazis” on his account and Twitter had NO problem with that. It seems like Twitter employees enjoyed their freedom of speech but the rest of the country “needed to be protected” from this privilege.

The political partisanship and flat out arrogance was mind blowing. 9 “former” FBI agents worked at Twitter and dozens sat at a computers at the FBI all day looking for accounts to flag. This is offensive to taxpayers, a massive abuse of power and it’s a violation of the First Amendment. Over and over again, courts have ruled that the government does not have the power to require third parties to censor people. The FBI will say they requested, but did not order, Twitter to censor certain accounts. Come on, when the FBI (an agency with nearly unlimited power and money)  “asks” you to do something, is it really a question? No!

Until autism, I was a liberal democrat and something I always liked about the democratic party is how they stood up for free speech. I was horrified to hear the democrats on the congressional panel complain that this hearing, about the government violating citizens’ first amendment was a “waste of time.”

The Democrats absolutely disgusted me. Instead of standing up for free speech Congressman Garcia profusely thanked Twitter censors for “all their hard work” and reprimanded Elon Musk for firing this “Trust and Safety” committee. How ludicrous! The only thing about twitter you can “trust” is they will cooperate with the FBI and censor people for sharing beliefs (for example, vaccine mandates are bad) and experiences (for example, adverse vaccine reactions). You can also be “safe” in knowing that protecting national security is irrelevant in 99% of censored tweets. Well known and respected doctors like Dr, Martin Killdorf and Dr Jay Bhattacharya were censored for stating that natural immunity to covid superior to vaccine immunity. They were correct then and are correct now.

Other democrats praised the twitter censors for “help keeping us safe!” Guffaw!!! Lying to us and spreading misinformation “kept of safe?” Here are some CDC / twitter “truths”: “If you get the covid vaccine, you won’t get covid! Once you are vaccinated you cannot spread covid. Vaccine immunity superior to natural immunity.” Seriously, the CDC basically got everything wrong. Twitter “did not keep us safe” Congressman Garcia, so get off your knees.

Hunter Biden is gross. All I know about him is that he is the president’s son and likes to take pictures of himself with hookers and guns. The only important part of this story is twitter censored the “The New York Post” story about him and lied to the public, claiming they knew the laptop story was “Russian misinformation.” It wasn’t. If Twitter had done something similar to Trump, it would be just as bad! But democrats support censorship when it is the right being censored? Take the long view dummies!!It could be the left who is censored next! We should ALL be onboard with the principle that censorship is bad!!

I was especially disgusted with Representative Alexandra Cortez and Representative Katie Porter. These two self-proclaimed feminists insisted that this hearing about the FBI violating citizens free speech was a waste of time. How dare they? Eminent feminist scholar and abortion rights activist twitted about a worrying trend of women experiencing serious menstrual cycle issues post covid vaccine. As usual, the medical establishment and the govt. labelled these women as nutty conspiracy theorists or mentally ill. What did AOC and Porter have to say about this? Zero.

In fall 2021, Wolf tweeted about very worrying trend of rising severe adverse reactions among women. In fact, 77% of severe adverse reactions happened to women and 16% of adverse reactions were related to menstrual cycle problems, miscarriages or infertility. These findings are from Pfizer’s own study!!

Did Porter or AOC say, “hang on a minute, the amount adverse vaccine reactions is alarming and we need to take these women seriously and not dismiss them.” No. Did they bother to bring up twitter censorship of the covid vaccine and reproductive health problems? NO! Instead AOC and Porter thanked the twitter censors and express concern that Republicans had asked them too many tough questions. Nauseating, I know.

An enemy Ibsen  Kennedy

An Enemy of the People

In his foreword, Kennedy alerts readers to the undeniable fact that the persecution of those who tell uncomfortable truths, which Ibsen described over one hundred years ago, continues to this day and is as relevant now as ever. We face environmental deregulation and degradation, politicians in lobbyists’ pockets, attacks on facts that are agreed upon by reputable scientists, corporate funded and controlled research, and attempts to impede and suppress whistleblowers. The battle continues and Kennedy joins Ibsen on the front lines.



ROAR by Bruce Wagner

The myth of an epic, public life—its triumphs and tragedies—is a particularly American obsession. ROAR is a metafictional exploration of such a life and attendant fame of an extraordinary, and completely made up, man.

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