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The Best Way To Treat Menopausal Insomnia

Sleeping problems & Menopause: Did you know menopause might be the reason you can’t sleep? Let’s talk about how to solve that insomnia problem!

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12 thoughts on “The Best Way To Treat Menopausal Insomnia

  1. Hello, I am on gnrh analogues for uterine issues regarding irregular bleeding. I had my second injection a few days ago and now having trouble staying asleep at night. What can I do under these circumstances?

  2. I work from 5pm and get home at 3 am. I’ve been working this schedule for over a year now. The first six months I was able to sleep well and to take a nap on the weekends when needed. I turned 50 after six months on this work schedule and suddenly I am unable to sleep well and I rarely can take a nap anymore. Now I’m 51.5 years old and sleeping when I get home from work is even more difficult and napping is pretty much not happening, because I can’t fall asleep. Do you have any advice to help me to be able to fall asleep at 3 or 4 am and get a descent solid sleep?

  3. I’m post menopausal, 56 with insomnia waking up every night from about 2 til 4 am. At bedtime every night I take 200 mg of progesterone, estrogen, lexapro, Benadryl and 15 mg of melatonin and still can’t sleep thru the night. Any suggestions please? Thank you, Kim

  4. Thanks. My sleep pattern is not regular and I can't sleep if I am feeling hot. So, I sleep when I am can, whenever I get to sleep even though it is irregular. I also can't sleep in total darkness. Sorry that's how I am from a baby, must have a light on near or on me. The light don't prevent me from falling asleep, I feel safer. I don't know what happened to me as a baby why I don't like darkness.
    I appreciate your advice and I know how to take care of myself and do like my fruits and vegetables and my vitamins but I have been having it really rough and I am suffering for many, many, many years now. I have even grey earlier than I should. I stop dying my hair because I can't afford to even hair dye. I braid my hair and cover my hair with a black cap like what you use when you wear a wig just to cover my grey hair. I know I am deficient in many minerals and vitamins even iodine. My 50th birthday is on 15th April 2021 and I really want my life back. I want to live not exist.

  5. I just spent 10 minutes trying to find the ingredients in this product you’re trying to sell. This should be the very first thing someone can see. I couldn’t find it so I’m not trusting this at all. No need to respond – you lost me.

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for your videos
    I am 54yo., I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and I started to experience hot flushes when I was about 52 and I realised I was peri menopausal. I started HRT ( Estradot patches 25s. My most problematic symptom has been insomnia up until recently when I have started to experience itching rashes and daily episodes of hives.
    Due to my worsening insomnia my Doctor has continued to up my HRT . I am now using Estradot 75s . I understand there is a relationship between oestrogen and histamine.
    My problem has always been not staying asleep, waking in the early hours of the morning and not going back to sleep. My naturopath recently prescribed me GABA and I would sleep for about 3hours and then I was fully awake regularly at 1am. I have started thinking that it is not a lack of estrogen but low progesterone which is the cause of my symptoms. I wonder what you think?

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