Looking for an encouraging way to combine your faith with fitness? Check out the best at-home Christian workouts, from free workouts to subscriptions.

I just want to clarify right off the bat that any workout can be a “Christian workout.”

You certainly don’t need Bible verses or Christian music to make exercise an act of worship! You can glorify God in your movement while you walk, run, plank, or chase your kids.

But doing Christian workouts can help:

  • motivate you
  • inspire you
  • encourage you
  • set your eyes on the Lord
  • remind you of God’s love for you
  • make exercise an act of worship
  • ….and so much more

I’ve lost 100 pounds and exercise was a big part of my weight loss journey, giving me confidence, strength, and more benefits than I could list.

Benefits Of At-Home Workouts

I’ve had gym memberships and I’ve been a part of exercise classes, but I love working out at home the most.

It started because I was embarrassed to work out in front of other people, but it continued because at-home workouts are:

  • cheap (very little equipment required and even monthly streaming video subscriptions are cheaper than gym memberships)
  • convenient (I just walk a few steps to my living room!)
  • private (nobody around to see me totally mess up movements…also, I’m an introvert and don’t always feel like chatting during a workout)
  • comfortable (I can exercise in my pjs…and sometimes I do!)
  • fast (no drive time or traffic to factor in)

Before I give you my recommendations for the best at-home Christian workouts, I want to show you the equipment I use to be able to do endless workouts at home in my living room.

At-Home Workout Equipment

I was a member of a gym for years, but I have been working out exclusively at home since 2014.

I do not have a designated room for a “home gym,” and I’ve really only needed a few basic items to create a make sure I can get a great workout at home.

A Yoga Mat

We have wood floors in our home, so a yoga mat is a must for any floor exercises! Most yoga mats feel too thin to me, so I use an extra thick mat.

I especially love the Gaiam extra thick mats with the prints! Mine has a purple flower.

Hand Weights

There are all kinds of great bodyweight exercises you can do without equipment, but my hand weights have been a staple for my home workouts.

I use them in my self-led workouts and a lot of the workout videos I love use them, as well.

In my own home gym, I have:

  • a pair of 2-lb weights (great for cardio kickboxing)
  • a pair of 5-lb weights
  • a pair of 8-lb weights
  • a pair of 10-lb weights
  • a single 20-lb weight

Quality Walking Shoes

Even if you never leave your house to walk or run outside, comfortable shoes are a must for me. If you’ve struggled with sore feet, knees, and hips, there’s a chance it might be your shoes!

I had no idea the difference it would make. I was all about cheap, Payless tennis shoes until I tried on my first pair of Brooks Adrenalines.

They were so comfortable that I was instantly hooked and now I buy a new pair every year. They are worth every penny.

And that’s it! That’s all the equipment you need to have awesome, at-home workouts.

Sure, there are extras like resistance bands, kettlebells, stability balls, treadmills, and Bowflexes, which are all great…but you don’t need them to work out at home.

Now, on to my favorite at-home Christian workouts!

Online Workouts

Faithful Fitness – Christian Weight Loss Workouts for Women

Kristen showing at-home workouts on a computer screen, tablet, and phone for Faithful Fitness.

Kristen Ekiss creates all of the videos for Faithful Fitness, which is specifically geared toward Christian women trying to lose weight.

While has a long list of qualifications (she is a certified Revelation Wellness instructor, NCSM personal trainer, and so much more!), but what you will notice immediately about Kristen is her heart.

Her love for the Lord is obvious in every word she speaks and movement she makes. Every workout starts with her reading a Bible verse to make God the center of your workout.

Woman exercising at home in her living room looking at a video on her computer screen.

Faithful Fitness includes workouts of all kinds, including Christian dance workouts, walking devotionals, cardio kickboxing, chair workouts, pilates, strength workouts, and more!

Kristen gives modifications in her workouts, making them perfect for every fitness level, even if you haven’t worked out in years.

And the best part of Faithful Fitness is that every comment and question you leave on a workout gets a personal response from Kristen. She genuinely wants to see you succeed!

Faithful Fitness will give you forever access to 50+ workouts for just $99 (or 2 payments of $52), but make sure to sign up for the free 5-day Faith & Fitness Challenge to get a taste of the workouts to see if they are your style!

Revelation Wellness

Woman running that says,

Revelation Wellness, founded and run by Alisa Keaton, is a common name in Christian fitness. They have passionate hearts for both faith and fitness, offering a variety of training options like cardio, flexibility, HIIT, drumsticks, and more.

Revelation Wellness offers at-home workouts (called RevWell TV) as a monthly workout subscription, as well as face-to-face classes (check to see if there is one offered near you!).

Because Revelation Wellness is a non-profit ministry, instead of having a set fee for their workouts, they suggest different monthly donation levels from $10-$75.


Claudia and Coach Kozak, personal trainers from HASfit, showing an at-home workout move.

Even though you won’t hear Scripture or Christian music during their workout videos, Coach Kozak and his wife, Claudia, who run HASfit (which stands for Heart And Soul Fitness), are Christians who have created a huge library of free workouts in every area – HIIT, beginner, flexibility, chair workouts, kickboxing, strength training, body weight, hand weights, low impact cardio, kettlebell workouts, rehabilitation, and even gym workouts.

What I love most about their workouts (and I have done a lot of them) is that Coach Kozak always shows the advanced movement while Claudia shows a modification right next to him (which I often opt for!).

They are both so positive and motivating, cheering you on with every rep. They do have a Patreon page to accept donations if you’d like to support them since they don’t charge for any of their workouts.

More Online Christian Workouts

These are Christian workout programs that I don’t have as much experience with, but they might be just what you are looking for!

  • Faithful Workouts is hosted by Michelle, who offers a free plan that includes 60 workouts, a Bible reading plan, and a 14-day kickstart plan to help you get a stronger mind, body, and soul.
  • WholyFit has all kinds of different types of workouts – kickboxing, dance cardio, flexibility, strength, and more. They offer both streaming online workouts (unlimited streaming for $15 a month) and DVDs ($19.99 each). They also offer some free workouts on their YouTube channel.
  • Shazzy Fitness offers family-friendly, easy to learn dance fitness workouts. You can purchase an instant download for about $10 per workout or buy their workout DVDs for anywhere between $13.99 to $19.99.
  • PraiseMoves offers a Christian alternative to yoga. You can buy unlimited streaming and downloading of their videos (they have 9 available at the time I’m writing this post) for $14.95.

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Woman working out in her living room
Woman showing various at-home workouts in her living room


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