A good pair of baby pajamas can make or break you. Why? Because you want pajamas that can take you from late-night feedings to diaper changes and beyond. Below are six of the best of the best baby pajamas and sleep wear, in a variety of styles and price points.

1. HALO SleepSack ($26.95)
If you’ve read our post about safe sleep tips, you’ll know that it’s safest to place Baby in a crib without blankets, pillows or bumper pads. A sleep sack is a great solution for parents who want to ensure that Baby is warm enough, while still maintaining sleep safety. And the HALO is the best of the best. With an inverted zipper that zips up from the bottom, diaper changes are no sweat. My husband and I used a sleep sack with our youngest and are kicking ourselves that we didn’t use one for our oldest.

2. HALO SleepSack Swaddle ($28.95)
If you like the idea of a sleep sack, but have a baby who loves to be swaddled, this is the sleep sack for you. This sleep sack features a 3-way adjustable swaddle (arms in, hands-to-face, one or both arms out) that adjusts to your baby’s sleep style. It also features a zipper that unzips from the bottom, so your baby stays swaddled during diaper changes. How great is that?

3. Old Navy Zip-Front One-Piece ($8.00)
I’m not going to lie, Old Navy makes a great pair of pjs. I like their footed, non-fleece pajamas, because they’re lighter weight, but still versatile. Plus, you have the option of selecting simpler colors and patterns, which is a nice break from all of the in-your-face character selections out there. If you’re worried about using the Owlet Smart Sock with footie pajamas, have no fear! The Smart Sock’s design is low profile enough to fit comfortably and still monitor under footie pj’s.

4. Carter’s Fleece Snap Front Footie ($20.00)
After having a NICU baby that practically lived in pajamas for her first three months, I have to say that Carter’s makes the best fleece footed pajamas. They just do. They wear well, they have options with snaps or with zippers, which is nice, and there are a lot of different styles to choose from. Also, I feel like they’re always on sale, so I’ve scored some from $10 or less.

5. Candy Kirby Designs Knotted Gown ($28.00)
If sleep gowns are more your cup of tea, you must give these a try. The lap neck and soft knit fabric make them the best sleep gowns. Seriously, these are so soft, and are easy to knot/unknot for diaper changes. And the color/pattern options are luscious. Plus, you’re supporting an awesome small business that manufactures everything in the USA, which I always think is an added bonus.

6. Hanna Andersson Baby Sleeper ($36.00)
Hanna Andersson pajamas are my absolute favorite. They are well made, cute and so versatile. The only slight negative about their newborn pjs is the fact that they don’t make them footed, but that means that your babe will be able to wear them longer. So you definitely see a great return on your investment. Plus, they go on sale a lot, so you can score some at a discount. (And you can also get matching pajamas for yourself, your partner, and your bigger kids. Amazing, right?)

What are your favorite styles of baby jammies?


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