The 12 Minute Athlete January Accountability Challenge

We’re kicking off the new year with a new community challenge!

This challenge is all about accountability. The start of a new year can feel overwhelming (so many goals and ideas), and many of us are still navigating the pandemic and other stresses.

So we’re keeping things simple.

Set the intention to show up for your fitness journey this month. Prioritize your health. And get moving. 

We’re ready for new beginnings and a fresh start, and we hope this challenge will help you feel refreshed and energized in the new year.

Read on to get all the details for the 12 Minute Athlete Accountability Challenge!

Welcome to the 12 Minute Athlete January Accountability Challenge!

Here’s how to participate in the challenge:

  • You can find the workout calendar here: January Accountability Challenge Workout Calendar. You can print it out and hang it somewhere visible to help track your progress all month long, or simply save it on your computer as a PDF.
  • Feel free to get creative with this challenge. If the workouts on the calendar aren’t interesting to you, check out our Best Articles & Favorite Workouts of 2020 for inspiration.
  • You can also do any workout from the 12 Minute Athlete App, choose one from the Workouts page, OR just do any workout you want—everything counts!
  • Join our Facebook Group! This is where we share our workouts, ask and answer questions, cheer for each other, and celebrate our successes!
  • The goal of the challenge is to complete 20 workouts by the end of January. That makes for about five workouts a week.
  • Make sure to post plenty of pictures and videos of your workouts, and let us know what you did! This helps keep everyone motivated.
  • At the end of the week, check in and tell us how you’re doing. Remember, the goal is to do 20 workouts by January 31st.
  • We’ll send our favorite jump rope and a signed copy of the 12 Minute Athlete book to one hard worker at the end of the month!

This is a busy time of year, but you CAN make time for 20 workouts. Set aside 12 minutes (or less!) each day to move, get your heart pumping, and focus on your fitness and health goals.

You’ll be SO glad you did.

Don’t give up—you’ve got this!